Incentive Plan

Earn at least US$25 per week if you update 1000 words every day

  • The plan is only applicable for contracted authors.
  • A book needs to be more than 10,000 words to apply for contracting, once the book is approved for contracting, the book will automatically be enrolled to this incentive plan for a maximum period of 24 weeks.
  • Contracted book needs to update at least 5 days in a week.
  • If the contracted book did not update for a total of 8 weeks, that book will no longer be eligible for this incentive plan.
  • You will still be able to earn from the sale of your VIP chapters. This incentive plan is an additional reward to encourage you.
  • A contracted book needs to have more than 30,000 words to upload VIP chapters for sales purpose.
  • All fees that an author earned will be paid to their PayPal Account only, so please make sure you have setup your PayPal account properly in order to receive your payment.
  • If the works are find guilty of using fraudulent means(including but not limited to using a lot of meaningless contents, repetitions of previously written contents, pornography, plagiarism, etc.), NISBook reserve the right to delete or hide their work from public and refuse to make any payment to the guilty authors.
  • NISBook is a new website designed in 2018 and we need a lot of supports from both authors and readers to come to build our reading community, as a platform for authors to create original works, we really need you to join us, if we can develop in a stable and better way, we promise we will give better incentives to authors who is interested to create their own original novels and we will keep investing in advertising to attract more readers to come and read the author’s works.
  • And we believe that the publication of novels is not the only way for authors to survive in the reading industry. As long as readers like your work, your work is valuable, create your novels and post them online, communication with readers and the authors deserved to get paid accordingly, so that the authors can see the way out of writing easier and this is our original intention of creating NISBook.

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