1. The Principles of Accepting and Recording Original Works

(1) When www.nisbook.com accepts and records original works, it has requirements for contents, length of works, quality and subject matters and if the licensed works meet the conditions set forth below, we shall accept, record and include the original works in our library.

1. Requirement for contents : The works should be one’s own works; the works cannot involve the politics in reality or allude to the politics in reality; the works cannot contain thinly veiled pornographic descriptions; the works cannot contain words or deeds of alluding to or attacking others; the works cannot contain a huge quantity of contents which are extremely vulgar and tasteless and in breach of public moral of the realistic society.

2. Requirement for length : When you apply for a column, you must have written three sections or chapters or more than 3000 words and at the same time, you may not add new works if you have not completed a work of not less than 20000 words after the opening of the column.

3. Requirement for quality : The work should have its own characteristics with a smooth and fluent story; the words and punctuations used must be accurate and meet the standards and there cannot be too many wrong words; the type-setting has to be good so as to facilitate the inclusion and recording by the original works library. The headings of the sections or chapters should be consistent with the contents of the works; names of works which are advertising, political and maliciously vexatious, do not have any literary sense and deliberately exaggerating will be rejected for inclusion and recording.

4. Requirement for subject matters : The subject matters of the works www.nisbook.com accepts for recording are based on the classification of the library and the works must be of a literary sense.

5. Be compliant with rules, regulations and laws and may not involve various contents in violation of the provisions of the laws.

6. www.nisbook.com, as an original literature website, its website administrator will have the right not to accept for recording any work which is not consistent with the direction of development of www.nisbook.com, according to the direction of development at its starting point.

(2) After the work has been accepted for recording by www.nisbook.com, the author should manage the library and so forth or appoint some person to manage on his behalf according to the licensing principles confirmed at the time of acceptance.

2. Regulations for Recommendations of Original Works

(1) The works to be recommended will be selected by the editorial department of Nisbook from the works included and recorded by the library within the Website.

(2) Requirements for works to be chosen for recommendations : the attitude of authors should be serious and solemn and the works cannot involve political and pornographic descriptions. The style of writing should be fluent with closely knitted structure and the characters should have distinct character; the plots should have their own style and creativity.