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Very young but again mature enough to recognize that life in Georgia isn't for him, 21-year-old Nic had decided to take a step forward making out the best for him, and to move to Amsterdam. He knows that therde he will have all freedom that he needs, weed is legalized since that last century, casinos are all around, where you don’t need a car, you ride a bike. As a digital nomad, he can make his life come true. He didn't spend years of study to be locked into some huge office box, he wants to taste the best of life while he is earning and building his carrier.

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Chapter 10: werw

Tom hated his parents fighting.  It had gotten so bad lately that as soon as he got home from school and soccer practice he would go straight to his room and close the door. He would peel off his soccer clothes, especially muddy now that it was rainy season, throw his dirty boots into the cupboard, and then jump into a hot shower.  He would shower for ages, not because he was so sweaty and dirty, but because the sound of the water...

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