Hi, This is Tara

Hi, This is Tara

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Violet and her family are moving into a new home. While sorting out her room, Violet finds a phone. Being curious, she switches it on and goes through the messages. The phone belongs to a girl named Tara. When ‘Tara’ starts getting messages from a certain Damien, Violet cannot help but reply. She pretends she is Tara. Violet and Damien become more than friendly online and a relationship starts to develop. It gets to the point where Violet cannot tell Damien she is not Tara. She has fallen in love with him. He has fallen in love with her.

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Chapter 8: Violet and Damien

The next few days were dreadful.  The news of Tara’s death were all over the news.  The TV stations were camped outside Violet’s house.  Her parents wouldn’t let her leave the house and if she had to talk to the police or a lawyer, it was done at home.  Violet didn’t go to school; she felt ashamed and she felt guilty.

Why had she done what she did?

Her phone was also ringing all the time.  Finally, Jack, her old almost boyfriend called her.

‘Violet,’ he said.  ‘Did you do...

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Chapter No. Chapter Name Last Updated
1 The Big Move 01-Jan-19 19:41
2 A Love Letter 01-Jan-19 19:42
3 The new kid in class 01-Jan-19 19:43
4 Is this love? 01-Jan-19 19:43
5 Could Tara be Missing? 01-Jan-19 19:44
6 Finding Tara 01-Jan-19 19:44
7 There’s been a murder. 01-Jan-19 19:45
8 Violet and Damien 01-Jan-19 19:45