Chapter 6: The Final Reckoning

Chapter 6: The Final Reckoning



         “Lindy, what do you think it would take to get the jocks and squad to back off? I was thinking if we humiliate them enough, one big event or something, they would have to,” Summer said thoughtfully. They were lounging next to the pool in her back yard. Summer wore a green one piece and Lindy thought she looked great. She wasn’t that chubby. Not like the squad teased her about. Lindy wore a red one piece herself. They had just got out of the water and Lindy had got out a few of her dad’s imported beers. A dark, chocolaty flavored drink. Lindy thought about the question.

         “I dunno. It might. It would have to be big and embarrassing, so much so it would be more embarrassing for them to go after whoever did it. Right now, no one likes them but themselves,” Lindy said. She was glad she was out of that part of things anyway. She knew Summer felt bad she had quit the squad, but truthfully, Lindy felt free from it.

“What do you have in mind? You have some sort of plan?” Lindy asked. She had got to know her friend and was sure she wouldn’t have brought it up without having an idea. Summer grinned.

“Just a germ of an idea. You know about the pep rally?” She asked innocently. Lindy’s mouth dropped open, the pep rally! That wasn’t just ambitious but…

“The pep rally? The whole school will be there. Or as many people who can’t get out of it,” Lindy finished honestly. Pep rallies were notoriously hard to get good attendance. At least at Emery.

“That was kind of the point. If we can pull something off, and not get pinned for it, everyone will know who was behind it. Not to mention I think we could get help from a lot of people. Spread the word a little beforehand and it will be the biggest pep rally in the school’s history,” Summer said evasively. Lindy would have shaken her head against the idea, accept after the last few weeks she was embarrassed and furious with her old friends.

“Okay Summer, tell me about it,” she said.

Summers basic idea was as outrageous as Lindy ahd suspected but sounded hilarious. They spent the afternoon going over how it would work and getting the materials would be the problem.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Summer began in explanation.

“Bobby could help us with some of it. I know another art student who could get us a line on feathers,” Summer said and giggled, blushing. Lindy always thought it was cute when she did that.

“Hmmm, you right. There are a few shop guys who have been hitting on me since word spread I wasn’t a part of the squad anymore, I bet they would be willing to help me out with some of the technical details,” she said thoughtfully with a grin. They had hamburgers and kept planning. Summer was right. It would be doable, and Lindy was tired of sitting back and taking the shit for the squad any longer.


The week leading up to the pep rally was weird. Lindy went through her day casually, passing notes to various people. A few geeks had gone all out and set up dead drops for notes under bathroom sinks and water fountains. Somehow, no one was catching on to what was being done.

Two days before the event everything was in place. The gymnasium looked prefect for a great pep rally. Crepe paper was hung over the stands, the walls. A disco ball was set up over the center of the basketball court. “Go Emery Raptors” was over the stage and Lindy admitted the art department had done a fantastic job. The double doors on either side of the sage had an awning built over it for the team and the cheerleaders to come running out of. It looked perfect.

“Well, look who’s here?” Anna said stepping up next to her. Lindy looked down at her and back to the stage.

“Cutting through to get to biology,” she said holding up her book. The lab was on the other side of the gym.

“To bad, you’re going to miss the best pep rally this school has ever seen,” Anna said. Lindy kept her face neutral.

“Not really. I never like them. You know that. Besides you used to hate them too,” she pointed out to her new enemy.

“Doesn’t matter what I like. This is what we need. I am glad you aren’t going to be there to embarrass us,” Anna said. Lindy suddenly found herself not caring what Anna said. The game was started, and she was at peace with it.

“I don’t need to be there for that Anna, you guys do that well enough on your own. I am the one that saved your asses on the field. Don’t worry though. I don’t even care about that any more. You guys are on your own, I am at peace with it,” Lindy found herself saying truthfully. Anna sighed and shook her head.

“I don’t understand you Lindy,” she said.

“That has always been the problem I think. It just took me a few years to figure it out. See ya,” she said and strolled off to class. Two days, she told herself. One way or another she would be done with them.


The band was playing Tequila and Lindy shared some junior mints with Summer from the back of the bleachers. They knew they would be suspected so they ahd made sure to be o where near any activities around the pep rally. Lindy was also sure no one involved would ever say anything. The geeks were treating it like a covert op and loving it while the rest just enjoyed the idea of the squad and jacks getting something back for their reign of terror. It explained the full gym. Lindy ahd never seen so many people show up for a rally before. Some of the teachers looked surprised, others looked suspicious and a few smirked with little smiles. Did they know? She wondered.

“Maybe,” Summer answered when she asked. “I find it hard to believe that nothing has leaked out, but who knows. We will see soon,” she said with excitement in her voice. Lindy was starting to feel excitement too and the clock ticked down. Then Miss Chapman and Mr. Jackson, the football coach took the stage.

“It is good to see so much school spirit in the house. Despite a rocky start to the year, I believe we are ready to show everyone what we are made of!” He shouted into the microphone. There were cheers and a few laughs. Lindy licked her lips nervously.

“So, let’s bring em out. Emery High, give a warm welcome to your Raptors!” He shouted. The double doors one either side of the stage burst open. On one side the cheerleaders started running out under the awnings, the football team on the other. When the leaders made it half way the trap was sprung. Gallons of syrup suddenly dumped onto their head immediately followed by feather falling and sticking to them. The girls were screaming and slipping to the floor as were the guys on the team. The audience stood up and cheered. The doors had shut and as planned automatically locked. Those that got syrup and feathered, now had to make their way across the floor in front of everybody. Summer and Lindy laughed and cheered with everyone else. Everyone except the coach and the principal. Even Miss Chapman looked like she was fighting a smile. Hugely embarrassed the cheerleaders hurried between the bleachers to a laughing audience. They ran trying to wipe the sticky stuff off their skimpy clothes and bodies and it didn’t seem to work. The look of Anna with feathers stuck all over her and humiliated made Lindy feel like mission accomplished, payback in full. It took a few minutes for the tam and squad to get out of the gym Then the lecture by an angry Principle began.


“Did you see the look on Barbs face. Her top slipped down while she tried to wipe herself clean. Stupid girl,” Summer said chuckling. Lindy and Summer took their usual table at the coffee shop.

“Yeah, that was good. I particularly like how Lance kept slipping onto his ass. Cleats and syrup don’t get along,” Lindy said and they both laughed.

Not one person had said anything, and nothing could be traced. Lindy was sure from some of the looks the teachers exchanged that something was known. Nothing was said though and that was what mattered. They were sitting close in the booth faces inches away. The tantalizing smell of mochas floated from their lips.

“Mission accomplished girlfriend,” Summer said.

“Mission accomplished,” Lindy returned and without thinking they both leaned the few inches together and their lips met. Lindy felt a flutter in her chest as the seconds ticked by. Then they parted and gazed at each other. They both blushed, but the sparkle in Summers eyes matched the flutter in her chest. They sat gazing at each other in silence, alone in their peace and happiness, together.




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