Chapter 5: An Escalation of Hate

Chapter 5: An Escalation of Hate



“Are you sure you want to keep hanging out with me. Seriously Lindy, I won’t be offended. Because of me your social life is destroyed,” Summer told her friend. She ahd never seen anyone cry like that before and it had freaked her out a little bit. Lindy ahd told her what happened, and Summer was disgusted with the squad. She felt a little bad herself. “Won’t it get better for you if we back off?” She asked. They were in Lindy’s kitchen and she handed Summer a soda, shaking her head.

“No, not now. It is way past that. It’s not your fault either. I could have walked away in the coffee shop when I saw you there the first time…” she paused and shrugged.

“I liked you then and still do. Besides, after today those bitches will be lucky to get the time of day out of me. I am considering quitting the squad and Summer?” Summer was shocked Lindy would quit.

         “Yeah,” she asked.

         “This would have happened even if we hadn’t met. I think I might have grown up some cuz I just can’t take how they treat people, not anymore. You inspired me you know. Watching you stand up to them, I mean. I guess it’s true what they say, it sucks to grow up,” Lindy said. Summer laughed raising her glass of pop. She had heard her Dad say that. Lindy invited her to stay for dinner and Summers dad was cool with it, so she did. She was glad to see Lindy was feeling better. Summer was amazed. She had never inspired anyone before.


         At school the lines were drawn in the sand. Geeks were talking to Summer now because the underground war had started and dragged everyone into it. If the teachers were aware of it, they didn’t say. But the popular and unpopular kids were going to war. Summer had been glad to see Angie talking to Lindy too. The geek community were amazed one of the cheerleaders was taking their side in things and were happy to welcome her to the fold. With the escalation of the fight, the geeks had stepped up. Better together, like Supergirl, Summer thought with a chuckle.

         After the last class on Monday Summer went to her locker and headed off to meet Lindy out back for the walk home. She got her bag full of the books she needed for homework and closed her locker. She rounded the nearest corner and saw Lindy facing off with Anna, Lance, Mike, Barb and Tina. Angie and Mark, the boy who had jerked around by Lance, were standing with her.

         “It’s good you’re out bitch. Your nothing but trouble. Go slut yourself around with your new friends and fat bitch of a lover,” Anna snarled. In two steps Summer was standing next to Mark to Lindy’s right.

         “The way you and Tina hang out I wouldn’t be surprised that you share the same dildo without washing between uses. That would explain your boyfriends masturbating in the locker room. You aren’t enough for them!” Summer told them loudly. To Summers great surprise Anna and Tina looked at their boyfriends as if the masturbating comment were true. Summer grabbed Lindy’s elbow and tugged her back around the corner. Angie and Mark disappeared into the crowd of kids heading home too. Once they were out of the school Lindy broke up laughing and Summer joined her.

         “Jeeze Summer, that was brutal!” She said, and her eyes were twinkling. Summer grinned.

         “What can I say, they bring out the worst in me sista. What did ya do now? Or were they just being themselves?” Summer asked. Lindy shook her head.

         “Nope, I went to Miss Chapman and told her I was quitting. I told her I needed more time to get my grades up. Which, by the way, I got the first good words from a math teacher I have ever got. I may actually be getting that shit right, finally,” she said with a grin. Summer returned it. She could see no regret in Lindy about quitting the squad. Summer did feel bad about it though. She knew it had been her friends life for a long time.

         “That’s cool. You had it in you all the time, I’m sure,” Summer told her. They went to get sugared up on mochas for homework. The rest of the week ended up being the same thing. Insults in the hall and mochas after school. It was exhausting, but Summer was glad she had friends now. That was a plus.

         “Look out!” Someone said as she walked into the gym and she stopped quickly. There was a huge piece of crape paper spread out and two of the art students were painting something on it.

         “Crap, sorry. What’s all this for,” She asked as she moved around the border of the sign.

         “We got drafted for the pep rally. We figured we’d start early. Less stress,” the girl said. “I am Janey by the way,” she said. She was a plump girl with long blond hair and cheerful smile. For some reason art students always appeared happy, Summer thought amused. She looked around and there were several students working on projects.

         “Hi Janey, I am Summer. I hope I didn’t step on anything,” she said courteously.

         “No, all good,” she said and wiped a brush on a paint can. Summer saw two big cardboard boxes being covered in glitter across the shining floor.

         “What are those for,” she asked.

         “Bobby is making those for different colored confetti. The cheerleaders will come out one door and the players out the other. They want a truck load of confetti. I guess that will help them win another game or something,” Janey said with a snort of laughter. Summer giggled. She hated giggling but sometimes couldn’t stop herself.

         “Probably, see ya later,” she told Janey and walked across looking at the boxes. She had met Bobby before.

         “Hey Bobby. I’m surprised they got you doing this. Don’t you work at your dads shop after school?” She asked. His dad ran the local candy shop. Despite that he was a skinny kid with red hair and freckles.

         “My dad said I could stay late a few days to help out. He drafted my sisters to work in my place. Besides, it isn’t that hard,” he said with a shrug. Summer nodded and glanced over plans on the floor next to the cardboard. It showed the gym, where the stage would be, the whole arrangement.

         “Wow, they really take this stuff seriously huh? She couldn’t help commenting. He grimaced.

         “You don’t even know. A couple of the cheer chicks were in here giving orders about every little thing. That wouldn’t be so bad, but I don’t think they are smart enough to know what they are asking” he said and they both laughed. Summer said goodbye and took off. Lindy was coming over when she finished some errands. Summers dad was on one of his rare trip’s, so she got to have the house to herself for the weekend. Friday night at her place and then Saturday at Lindy’s.



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