Chapter 1: The Attack of Emery High

Chapter 1: The Attack of Emery High



       ​Have a good day at school Summer, are you worried?” Mr. Mack asked his daughter. Summer shook her head and shrugged.

       ​“It’ll be okay dad. I’m not worried, you?” She asked him and smiled. He returned it, shaking his head too.

       ​“Nope, not about you dear. You are handling things wonderfully. This is the last move, kid, I promise,” he told her, and she nodded. She believed him this time too.

       ​“I know Dad. See ya tonight?” Summer asked.

       ​“Yep, I’ll be home by five. You okay walking home?” He asked concerned still.

       ​“Ten blocks up and four over. No problem,” she assured him. He hugged her and kissed her cheek.

       ​“See you tonight,” he said, and she got out of the car.

       ​“See ya tonight,” she returned. She waved and hitched her book bag up on one shoulder. Looking up at the school she sighed. She had been there with her Dad the day before going over everything. Now she had to go to the office and check in before starting her first class.

She went up long low steps to the almost gothic cement pillars at the top, framing the front doors. Small towns spent money on their schools and the place was clean and well kept. It would be a pleasant change, she thought, as she made her way through the other students entering the school. The office was right near the entrance and she went in. She noticed looks she was getting. She was the new girl and in the small town she assumed that would be something of interest to the regular students.

       ​“Hi, I’m Summer Mack. I am supposed to start here today,” she told the secretary. She was a short, older woman wearing flowery silk clothing. She was not one of the people she had met the day before. She raised an eyebrow and then reached for a folder sitting in a tray.

       ​“Summer Mack, it says here you have been processed and ready to go. Do you still have all the material you were given yesterday?” She asked.

       ​“Yeah, got it in my bag. I know where everything is and all that,” Summer told her. The woman nodded.

       ​“That is a pleasant surprise. We don’t get a new student that often. Welcome to Emery High. I’ll mark you down as having checked in,” she said, and Summer smiled. That was easy, she thought. She turned to go.

       ​‘Did you get your locker assignment?” The woman asked suddenly.

       ​“Yeah, combination and everything,” she responded. The woman smiled.

       ​“Good, that is forgotten sometimes. Have a good day,” she finished, and Summer left the office and made her way to the first class. She kept a strained smile on her face as she went down the hall. She received looks and heard murmurs behind her as she went.

       ​“That the new girl? One male voice asked.

       ​“Yeah gotta be, she’s got an ass on her,” a girl’s voice said smarmily. Summer kept her sigh inside. She had transferred schools several times over the past five years and was used to remarks for the first few days. She didn’t like it but was used to it.

       ​She went into her first class and made her way to the back. She preferred to be able to see everyone when she could. Summer swung her book bag off her shoulder and set it on the table before sitting.

       ​“A superhero backpack, how old are you?” A voice said, and Summer looked to her right and forward. She saw a little petite brunette looking back at her.

       ​“Old enough,” she responded automatically. She loved her Black Widow backpack.

       ​“Great, we get a new one and she’s a geek!” The girl said dramatically. Summer knew the type. Everything was a drama. A black-haired girl sat next to the brunette.

       ​“Yeah, we never get the good ones, Anna,” she said to the brunette.

       ​“Isn’t that the truth Barb. Freaks and Geeks seem to be what we get stuck with,” Anna told her friend.

Summer kept herself from blushing and when she didn’t respond they turned back towards each other, giggling. Summer sighed that time. Here we go, she thought. Maybe it wouldn’t last long, like the last school. The teacher greeted her when he did roll call, and everyone turned and said hi. Anna and Bard smirked.


       ​The rest of the day went about the same. Occasional looks and remarks came her way. On her way to her last class she stopped into the girl’s bathroom and took care of business. She ran her hands through her curly red hair and studied herself. She had really blossomed during the past summer, so she had a very voluptuous figure now. Her black blouse was loose enough to keep her muffin top covered although her jeans were tight over her Kardashian style ass. She didn’t think she looked bad and didn’t normally spend much time thinking about it until someone mentioned it. Her tits and ass had been mentioned a few times from someone behind her as she walked the halls and she managed to ignore it. Unlike the rest of the teasing, that was new and more uncomfortable.

       ​Halfway through the last class, the teacher, a Mister Jameson, was called to the office. Once gone everyone stopped working and began gossiping. Anna, Barb and a tall good looking blond girl immediately began talking about cheerleading practice being off for the day, something about a suspension. Then Anna noticed Summer glancing that way and for some reason took offense.

       ​“What are you looking at newbie? Wishing for what you can’t have are ya? You could never make the squad with an ass like yours,” Anna said snottily. Barb laughed but the blond gave those two girls a sharp, embarrassed look. Summer was about to say something in response but was beat to it.

       ​“Yeah you’ll be more at home with the stoners getting laid behind the gym. That seems more your speed…” Barb began.

       ​“Hey, come on Barb, lay off,” the tall blond said looking more than just embarrassed, she looked annoyed that her friend had said such things. Summer turned back to her book, blushing and embarrassed herself. She had experienced a lot of teasing before, but this was the worst. A small argument started amongst the cheerleaders, but it was cut short when Mister Jameson came back, and everyone pretended to be reading. Summer noticed a few sympathetic glances from other students but that was all the support she got. After class she hurried to her locker as quick as she could, she just wanted to go home.

       ​Walking out the front doors felt like relief. Unfortunately, as soon as she got to the bottom of the steps she noticed the short Anna and her squad. Great, she thought annoyed and embarrassed.

       ​“Hey look, it’s the geek. That’s the one girl’s. The slutty geek I told you about. Gotta watch out for her,” Anna said with false disdain. The tall blond stepped up next to her frowning.

       ​“Gimme a break Anna. Shit, she just got here. Give her a break,” The blond said meeting Summer eyes. She made a slight head gesture and Summer understood. The girl was giving her cover and she took it, hurrying off down the street. Grateful for the block.

       ​“Jeez Lindy, what’s your…” Summer heard Anna begin to say before she was out of earshot. Letting out a long breath Summer slowed her pace. The kids around her lessoned and when she reached about four blocks from school she was walking alone.

       ​“Hey, Summer is it, wait up,” she heard and turned surprised. It was the tall blond, by herself. Summer stopped, waiting for her to catch up.

       ​“Hi, Summer, right?” she asked.

       ​“Yeah, Summer Mack. Your Lindy?” She returned.

       ​“Yep that’s me. Lindy Landsworth. I just wanted to apologize for the squad. They can be a bit much. The whole school isn’t like that,” The girl said, and Summer was shocked. A cheerleader, apologizing for something? Summer wondered if the world was ending.

       ​“Oh, uh, I hope not. Thanks for sticking up for me. I figured I would get the first day hazing, but that was rough,” she admitted. She had to look up at the girl and she had amazing blue eyes and a heart shaped face.

       ​“Sure, I felt bad. Normally they aren’t that bad. I don’t know what their problem is today,” Lindy said, and they began walking. It turned out Lindy only lived four doors down from Summer, so they walked home together. Summer waved when she got to her doorstep and went into her home.

       ​“A nice cheerleader. Wow, never met one of them,” she said to the empty house. It cheered her up and she didn’t dwell on the days harmful stuff. Was it possible she made a friend?




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