Cheerleader and The Geek

Cheerleader and The Geek

  • Author: Brandon
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Status: Ongoing

Summer Mack’s first day at the new school was brutal. Small town cliques were more intense than she would have thought. All but one Cheerleader tried to embarrass her. A Cheerleader! Why would a Cheerleader want to help a geek like Summer? By the end of her first day, Summer was very confused. Lindy Landsworth didn’t know why she helped the new geek in school. She had never done anything like that before, going against the squad. What had she been thinking? It could lead to social suicide But there was something about Summer Mack that enticed Lindy. Beyond the girls shared love for mocha’s! Together they would have to face down the popular kids and find out what they’re made of and if it was more than the mocha’s.

Latest Chapter Preview:

Chapter 6: The Final Reckoning



         “Lindy, what do you think it would take to get the jocks and squad to back off? I was thinking if we humiliate them enough, one big event or something, they would have to,” Summer said thoughtfully. They were lounging next to the pool in her back yard. Summer wore a green one piece and Lindy thought she looked great. She wasn’t that chubby. Not like the squad teased her about. Lindy wore a red one piece herself. They had just got out of the water and...

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Chapters Available:

Chapter No. Chapter Name Last Updated
Preface Preface 11-Sep-18 15:15
1 The Attack of Emery High 29-Apr-18 15:08
2 Kindness Rewarded 07-May-18 6:59
3 Ostracized by Most 07-May-18 7:00
4 Odd Girls Out 09-May-18 0:32
5 An Escalation of Hate 09-May-18 0:33
6 The Final Reckoning 09-May-18 0:34




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