Chapter 9: Real love will overcome all obstacles

Chapter 9: Real love will overcome all obstacles


While emotions were just going wild in the apartment, Nic was in disbelief looking at her…the look in her eyes, and such confidence in her voice…he was just rolling film back…She was always so understanding, she knew everything about him, she knew all his habits …O Nic how could you be so blind, this is Nina.

‘Nina!’ He just said it out loud, while Gabby at that moment couldn’t look at his eyes she put her head down, and then the storm hit…

‘This is you, Nina, how could you do this to me, what were you thinking about! Oh my God, this is evil what you did, you fooled me, and at the same time make me suffer, feel guilty and all those feeling that I had! You weren't saying anything; you made me suffer, God damn, and why did you do that?’ Before Gabby was able to say anything, Nic continued…

‘No, I don’t want to know; I want you to just leave me alone, you betrayed me. Just go!’ Nic was mad and hurt; he didn’t want to look at her.

Gabby wasn’t able to say anything he made it clear that he doesn’t want her near him, she started to cry, just took her purse, and with Nico left the house.

Weeks passed by and Nic did cool off a bit, but he was very cold with Gabby. He wasn't eager to spend time with her; they had no physical contact none how so ever. When she was his house, he will just answer shortly if she asked him something not trying to have any conversations with her.

Gabby felt very bad, all that she has done she did it because of him and that's the way he is returning everything to her? She can't cope with that; she is now heartbroken.

On the other end, Nic was overwhelmed with his demons. Nina played him out. She let grief over her, and she was there all that time, he didn’t care for her reasons he saw that as betrayal, he was hurt, and in his mind, the story with Gabby was on the end. He will soon leave, he will not tell her anything, he will just go back home. She can do whatever she is pleased the end she can take care of herself.

‘Nic we need to talk,’ she couldn’t take it anymore.

‘Gabby or Nina, I don’t know which one you are, we have nothing left to talk about. You lied to me, and everything is clear now, you didn’t give me a choice, you made a decision for me, as Nina and that is not fair!’ Nic again started to get mad, but at that moment Gabby got very upset, flashbacks were just jumping in front of her eyes…

Form the day one as she was a pappy, how much love she showed him, to the time when Inga was trying to give her away to shelter, to the moment when she actually had to play sick to save him, like she wanted to transform, did he ever asked her before he got her into a program…her transformation, that painful experience, when she was all alone in some side ally in the dirty dumpster, all that for a cause to help and save him, craziness with Inga, everything she did, and on the end he doesn't want her any more…She couldn't take it any more…

‘I was quiet all this time and was keeping lots of things to myself, now you will have to hear me, like or not!’ Gabby finally spoke up in her defense.

Nic just stood in the middle of the living room, like he was stunned by her reaction… As Gabby started to talk everything from the beginning and revealing her deepest feelings, remembering him of the times while she was Nina going through all that time, Nic eyes were filled up with tears, as he was listening to her.

He was speechless as she told him about Inga. About all those things that Inga was planning and about what she has done to stop her and protect him…

‘I didn't…why you didn't say anything to me, I mean…I don't…’ he was in shock, all she did it for him, and he blamed her on the end accusing her that she is evil, he was so mad at himself, he was an asshole, he thought, a blind asshole.

‘No, don't say anything right now. I told you the whole truth, now you know my reasons why I wasn't saying a thing about myself. Now you know why I choose to run away and to make you think that I am gone. Sit now, and think about everything, I am going home, you know where to find me, but just to let you know, I will wait 48 hours, after that, I will be gone for good. I don't want you to do anything that you don't really want.’ Gabby finished her speech and left Nic alone.

Now everything is on him, if he really fell in love with Gabby, she thought, he will come to her. It is not a question no more about Nina, she is, it is about two of them. Only if his love for Gabby was real and strong as her love was toward him, he will seek her.

It didn’t take long for Nic to realize it all, to figure out his true feelings…

The next morning someone was at Gabby’s door, she rushed it to open hoping it was Nic, but on her disappointment it was a delivery man, holding one mid-size box.

‘Delivery for Miss Gabby Garcia could you sign it, please?’

‘Yes, sure.’

She signed the delivery paper took a box and entered the house. Before she opened the box, she set down, she expected that it's the end, he didn't want to see her anymore, he just packed some of her things and send them to her, how will she survive that, she thought.

Slowly, almost afraid she opened the box, and she didn’t know what to think of the content, there were old Nina’s toys, her belt, and papers from the project…and there was a note…

‘I am sending you Nina's things, I was holding to them as a memory of my beloved Nina, but I don't need them any more…I send them to you, so you can throw them away, Nina is the past and you are my future, Nic.’ Just as she finished reading a note and still didn’t know what exactly to think of it, the doorbell rang again, this time was Nic on her doorstep. As she opened the door, Nic was standing there with a dozen of pink roses…smiling…

‘Gabby, you are my everything. You are my life; I am sorry for being such an ass, can you forgive me…and I, I,’ he was stuttering again, and Gabby wasn’t going to help him, not his time…

‘I, I mean I want, but do you…’ and he kneed down, as he was pulling something from his pocket he continued, ‘Damn, girl don’t do this to me, will you marry me, Gabby?’

‘You sill as always you were, of course, I will,’ as she said that both of them just busted out crying.

He held her tight in his arms and promised to her that he will never ever let her go.




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