Chapter 8: Battle of the Angel and the Devil

Chapter 8: Battle of the Angel and the Devil



Search for Nina drove two of them so close that before Nic realized they were pretty much living together. Love just developed with time, and he knew that Gabby was a woman for him.

Gabby was so kind, full of love that Nic couldn’t believe that she is his, he wanted to make sure it lasts forever.

In the meantime Inga found out about Gabby and became a mad woman, Nic started to fear for Gabby's safety. He wanted them to move back to the USA, to be away from Inga but that place was still holding on him, he had to find out what happened to Nina.

‘Gabby what do you think of the idea of us moving back to the States?’

‘As long as I am with you, we can go to the moon!’ As always she was talking to him in the sweet voice with a smile that made him just melt.

‘Great, we will slowly start to prepare, but before we leave, I need to find or at least hear what happened to Nina you know that I can't leave knowing nothing about her,’ he said that with tears in his eyes.

Should I tell him, no not yet, Gabby was thinking…

Gabby as well wanted to move, Inga was becoming crazier each day, two of them had few encounters but Gabby was holding back that fact from Nic, she didn’t want to stress him. The last time she saw Inga, it was so bad that Gabby lost her move, and decided that time had come for Inga to pay her deeds.

Since Gabby knew about Inga’s plans she hired a private eye. His assignment was to get close to Inga; he was provided with all necessary details and should make her offer him to do a dirty job for her. That’s all that Gabby needed.

Gabby was getting dressed to go out and take care of Inga once for all. At the same time, Nic was getting ready to go back to the agency to check if they had any news about Nina, so he left the house first.

Before she left the house she made two phone calls, one to Inga and another one…

‘Inga, it’s Gabby, I need to see you right away, it’s very important and it can’t wait, where are you now?’

‘I am at my house, what is this about; you are not going to come to my house!’ Inga was very nervous.

‘Just wait there, I will be there shortly,’ Gabby was very direct, hang up the phone and dialed another number.

‘Hello is Gabby, I am ready to go to her house, is everything set? Are we ready?’

‘Yes, we are, just go on and stick to the plan,’ a male voice spoke up.

Like she told to Inga, shortly she pulled up to her house in the cab.

Inga was already in the frantic stage of mind, not knowing what is coming her way, she looked like a mess when she opened the door.

‘Move and let me in, we are not going to discuss this on the door,’ as she said that, she like moved with her arm Inga off the door and made her pass through.

‘All this you made it to yourself, from the day one, you…’ then Gabby stopped, no she can't say that…she got herself together and continued… ‘As I was saying, you did it to yourself, now let's listen to something, what I got for you.’ She got up went to the music box and inserted a CD.

Inga was in shock, the way Gabby looked at her, she saw that look somewhere before, but she couldn’t remember where. What Gabby has for her to hear, what’s going on…and then Inga felt like someone just stabbed her in her stomach. She heard her conversation with her new and trusted friend who supposed to get rid of Nic and Gabby, oh no...What’s happening…As Gabby hoped for, Inga became mad…

‘You, you…’ Inga wasn’t even able to speak clearly, ‘you, yes you…I will kill you, what have you done to me?’ She was going wild in the house, and run to the kitchen for the knife.

Inga charged toward Gabby holding a big kitchen knife in her hand, Gabby moved just a little bit so Inga could miss that first try and said it…

‘She has a knife!’

As Gabby said that, like within a flash moment, the front door went down, the police entered the house…

‘Timmerman you are arrested on two counts, conspiracy to murder and attempted murder, you have a right…’ police went so on, and Gabby was happy, she succeeded, Inga is out of the picture, Nic is safe, and they have enough time in peace to prepare to move to the states.

Despite her relief that Nic was safe now, Gabby was worried about another thing that she had to do it soon, she needs to tell Nic the true, how will he accept, she had a million thoughts about that, but she wasn’t going to let that reflect on her, she did it so much, so far, telling him a true, will be the easiest part on the end.

Gabby wanted to share her success about Inga, but she couldn’t tell him anything, besides by the time she got home Nic was already there heartbroken. At the agency, they told Nic that they believed that Nina left the Netherlands.

‘Nina is gone for good. Am I such failure that this happened to me, all I wanted was best for her, and look it now, I don't know anything about her,’ he was literally crying and blaming himself for Nina’s disappearance.

Gabby couldn't stand anymore, he was punishing himself, it was just too much for her to handle, she loved him more than she loves herself, she has to say something.

Gabby put her lovely smile on her face and in very humble voice started to talk…

‘Baby please don’t do that no more, I can’t look at you like this, don’t worry about Nina, she is well, trust me, she is now happy like she never was in her life living with a man whom she loves more than her own self. Trust me, please.’

The way she was saying those things, that deep look down in her eyes, something just woke Nic up.

In addition, as he was sitting down in his favorite chair, Gabby leaned her head on his lap, hang on…he started to roll film back in his mind, hang on…

‘Gabby, are you trying to tell me something?’ His words were filled with fear and kind of started to pull out of the chair.

Gabby firmly put her hands on his legs, like she was trying to hold him down…

‘All I am saying is that you don’t need to worry; she is very happy now…’



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