Chapter 7: It is not easy to get rid of the evil

Chapter 7: It is not easy to get rid of the evil



Enjoyment of the day and thought that he met Gabby, Inga had to spoil, she called him again that afternoon.

‘I am just calling you to give you great news, I am pregnant. We will be parents! Isn’t that great news?’

‘Hold on, what are you talking about? I am not going to be a father! This is making no sense Inga! What are you trying to pull on me?’ Nic was very upset one he heard news from Inga. He wasn’t ready for a child and especially not with her that has to be some mistake it can’t be true.

‘So you are not happy? What you want me to do, to let you go free and I to be stuck with a kid, no Nic that would not happen…’ she was just going off on him over the phone.

‘Inga, stop! I will call you tomorrow during the day and we will sit somewhere and talk about everything, I am hanging up now.’

Since the news he has got ruined his day off, and maybe his whole life, Nic has decided to go home and just be alone. He did forget that Gabby was coming early in the morning, so he even didn’t go out to get groceries.

‘Here we are, good morning.’ Gabby said as Nic opened the door looking all messy.

‘Good morning, come on in, I am sorry, I, I mean….’ he was feeling uncomfortable, he invited the girl to breakfast, but he didn't have anything ready, not even pot of coffee, the doorbell just woke him up.

‘Don’t worry,’ Gabby said with a warm smile on her face, and pulled out a bag of Danish pastry, ‘I got a breakfast for us just in the case, hope you have coffee I will make it.’

He felt relief at that moment; he has coffee, so now they can sit and talk, and maybe he can tell a new friend about his troubles, seek an advice from her.

They set talking there for hours, Gabby even called her work to tell that she will not come. She listens to Nic; he opened up to her completely. It was very comforting to Nic that he can talk to her, and she didn't judge him, she was listening and giving him bits of advice.

‘And you see now she called me to tell me that she is pregnant, I really don’t know what to think of that. I don’t love her; we broke up, and I don’t want to spend rest of my life with her, I am trapped.’

‘Hold on, if you feel like that, trapped, then you need to see if that's true in the first place. If she is really pregnant, you know women can sometimes do things just to keep a man, and then you need to check if the child is yours. It is simple like that, don’t worry much in advance, first see if that's true.’

‘I don't know if God sends you on my way, you are like my Guardian Angel, I even wasn't thinking in that direction, thank you so much.’ Nic was within those few hours of talking to Gabby completely fascinated with her. It was like she just took over his soul, that woman was a God’s gift to him.

While they were in his home, Inga called few times.

‘Stop calling me! I told you that I will call you sometime today, so just stop!’ He lost his patience with Inga.

‘Don’t stress please, go on and see what’s happening, if you want me and Nico will wait for you here to get back.’ Gabby was very rational in her thinking and just wanted to help Nic before he made a mistake and gets stuck with Inga for rest of his life.

‘You are right, she will not stop calling, I will call her now and will meet her. I would love if you and Nico stay here.’

Inga was very happy that she will see Nic, she thought her plan will work out, she was relieved that she can put on the side her second plan.

‘Don’t think that I will just run now with you to town hall and marry you,’ Nic was very sharp while he was talking to Inga, ’we are going right now to the clinic to do an ultrasound and see how long you are pregnant if you are at all.’

It seemed to Inga like Nic was suspicions of her, so she got furious, her plan was about to fall apart, will she have to implement the second one? Well, if he wants it like that, she is ready for that.

‘Who the fuck you think you are to be checking me, I am not going now to the doctor with you. Let me tell you something like it or not, we will be together, or …’ she lost control, she even didn’t know what she was saying no more, she completely uncovered herself.

‘Don’t you ever call me again, you are a spiteful woman, evil and deviant, I don’t want ever again to see you nor to talk to you, do you understand that?’

Two of them split in the middle of the street howling at each other. Nic was determined never again to see Inga; he was beyond mad. At that moment all he wanted was to get home as soon as he could so he could thank Gabby, she saved him.

‘Inga was lying!’ he was saying out loud as he was entering his apartment. He grabs Gabby in his arms, lifts her in the air and was just holding her tightly.

‘That’s great, you see I told you, all you need to do just think…let me down,’ she was laughing.

’Nico will jump and bit you,’ Gabby was teasing him.

The time was passing by fast; two of them were spending lots of time together and just enjoyed each other’s company. He developed enormous trust in Gabby, so he decided to tell her about Nina, and why is so hard for him to find her.

‘I miss Nina a lot, but I am worried now more than ever before because she was in the program, you know what I am talking about, do you?’

‘I know, I didn’t want to put Nico at that one, as I didn’t know how I would handle that later on,’ Gabby made sure that Nic understands her point of view, but she was there to support him.

‘How can I find her now, apparently she doesn’t want to come back, but I just need to know that she is well, that’s all?’

‘We can start checking of newcomers in town, that’s a point for us to start... I am a newcomer…’ Gabby was playing with Nic.

But Nic felt something in her words as she said that, yes she came from nowhere, it seems like she knew him all his life, no, it can’t be that, he said to himself.

They started a search for Nina, but nothing was coming back with results. In that time, two of them became that close that Nic madly fell in love with Gabby, so did she. Inga was still a treat to Nic, and soon to become to Gabby as well, but Gabby was like no woman Nic met before, she was fearless, strong, but still very feminine, she was just special, just like Nina was.



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