Chapter 6: The angel came at the right time

Chapter 6: The angel came at the right time


Since he lost Nina he lost interest in everything regarding and connected with Inga, and as the arguments were escalating he decided to break down and let her know about his decision.

‘This is not working any more, what are we doing together anymore, why are we punishing each other, tell me,’ Nic was trying to talk to Inga, but she wasn’t buying that.

‘Since that dog, run away you are not thinking straight, it is not my fault that she got lost, so don’t take it out on me, you even can’t see our love, because of her, you need to get out of this depression, do you want me to buy you another dog.’ Inga was kind of ironic to him.

‘God damn you don’t understand a thing. I don’t want another dog; I want Nina, she was special and please leave me alone, no better yet, I am going. Please see in the next few days to go back to your parent’s home, I will turn the keys of this apartment and I am going back to States,’ as he sad that Inga felt like someone poured a bucket of cold water over her head.

Nic was going to leave her finally, and she couldn't let that to happen. They have to stay together, no matter what it takes. For the while, she has put her plans on hold, but now since he said that he is leaving, and pretty much it’s over between them, she has to make the moves.

On the Nic’s big surprise Inga took his decision very calm, didn’t made sense, she even left the apartment in the very nice manner. At first, he was worried about her reaction because he expected something totally opposite, but on the other end, he was saying to himself that he shouldn't be paranoid. They separated but remind friends, and he was glad about that.

After just a few days, Inga called him to see how he was doing, just to check on him.

‘You haven’t called so I just wanted to see how you are doing?’ Inga was trying to be nice as she was working on the next move.

Well, I never felt better in my life, Nic thought…

‘I’m ok, thanks for asking, how about you, Bjorn told me that you are working like none stop now,’ Nic was just being polite.

‘That’s right, I been working a lot in past few weeks, but I am not feeling well, so today I have to go to the doctor and see what's wrong with me, I just feel strange. If you don't have any plans maybe when I get done to call you and we go somewhere?’

She was preparing him for what’s to follow.

‘I’m not sure that’s a good idea, we aren't together no more…no Inga, I’m sorry, we can’t do that, not yet, everything is still fresh, and I don’t want you to get any false hopes, do you understand?’ He really didn't want to make another mistake with Inga, he had enough of her and he just wanted to stay away from her.

Well, you must be stupid, she thought in her mind, to think that it is over, wait later on today, and will see, you will be mine.

He finished talking to her, and he felt empty in his heart, not because of Inga, because of Nina, he missed her a lot, so he decided to go out for a walk, just to get some air and clear his thoughts.

Few meters down from his building entrance, very beautiful young woman was walking toward him, with her dog, which looked just like Nina.

It can’t be, Nic was stunned, is that Nina, no, she has transformed by now, I even don’t know how she looks, but this dog, oh my God is just like Nina. He couldn’t help himself; he had to stop by, approach the stranger and ask can he pet her dog.

‘Excuse me miss, can I please pet your dog, it is gorgeous,’ he was telling her, and his eyes were filled with tears.

‘Go ahead, he is well behaved, will not bite…Nic, say hi,’ as she pronounced the dog’s name Nic was in shock.

What a damn coincidence, the dog looks just like Nina, and his name is Niko, am I losing my mind, what a hell is this. Nic was overwhelmed with thoughts, and he felt like in a horror zone…

As he was petting Nico, very strong and muscular pit bull terrier, with black fur with white patches, he couldn't help but start a conversation with the young lady.

‘My name is Nic; I live third entrance, right there…I had the same dog, her name was Nina, but I, I…’ tears just flushed down his cheeks. He felt little bit silly crying in front of the stranger but he couldn't help nor control his emotions.

‘I am so sorry to hear that; it must be hard for you, I can’t imagine what I would do if I lost Nico. My name is Gabby; I live the second entrance from here, wow, we are next to each other, what a coincidence, I can’t believe.’

‘Well I thought of that as well, it’s kind of spooky, but I am glad to have a neighbor like you are.’ He didn’t know what made him more happy to have a dog that resembles Nina close by or because he met that stunning young lady, whose eyes were shining with kindness, and she was just spreading positive energy.

‘Nic, I am on the first floor, whenever you want you can take Nico for a walk,’ Gabby gave an offer to Nic which he couldn’t resist.

‘I guess we have a deal then, I will be taking him, maybe tomorrow morning you can bring him to my place before you go to work, what do you think, and have a breakfast?’ Oh, no, did he just invite her to his place, is he going to make another mistake, he was thinking…

‘You better have good breakfast ready for me and Nico, both of us eat a lot. We will be at your place early and don’t forget a pot of coffee.’ Gabby accepted an invitation, and she wasn’t a shy girl, so she let him know right away what she expects.

Nic was happy because he will get to know Gabby. As they walked away from each other he felt some butterflies in his tummy. That was a completely new feeling for him; he didn’t know what to think of that, well he will just let things go their way.   



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