Chapter 5: A true friend always will help

Chapter 5: A true friend always will help


Inga was on the edge of nervous breakdown, she knew that she crossed all the lines and that Nic was fed up, she has to do something. So she turned to a friend to discuss her plan.

‘I can't go on like this any more, I have to make him marry me fast, I am losing him. The best way is to wait a week or so and tell him that I am pregnant and see his reaction,’ she was telling someone on the phone as Nina listened laying down in her box.

‘No, no, I am not stupid, yes I know if he shows interest I will have to get pregnant right away, in the worst case will go to the clinic and seek help, it needs to be done quickly. Hell no, if he shows no interest well I will make sure he disappears, for good. Hello, I took life insurance policy on him some time ago, so that's how I will pay out my emotional pain,’ she continued to speak to someone, and at that point, Nina was in shock.

She understood well, Inga was saying that if Nic leaves her, she is going to get rid of him. He is in danger Nina knew it.

‘And this stupid dog, he doesn't want to give her away, and I can't stand her any more. I will wait now few days for the things to calm down, and if he doesn't want to give her away, I will make sure she goes, forever,’ she said that and started to laugh.

God have mercy on us, Nina thought, that woman she is crazy and evil, she is ready to poison me, to get rid of Nic…Nic, what did you get yourself into it, you can’t save us, I have to do something and your dumb butt forgot about my final stage, Nic I will make you get your mind back because boy you are completely lost…

Being afraid for herself, and for Nic's life, Nina made a plan, she will pretend that she is sick just for him to take her to vet and from there she will manage it all.

‘What's wrong with her, come on let's go out, come, girl,’ he was calling upon Nina who pretended that she can't walk. By dragging her back legs she approached Nic and just sadly looked at him. He started to cry.

‘Nina doesn’t do that to me, let’s go, we are going to the vet right now, now we are going, Ingaaaa!’

Inga was happy to help Nic out, maybe Nina will die, and Nic will be free of that damn dog, she thought, but he will appreciate her being there with him, so she jumped out of the bed, got dressed and called a cab.

At the clinic, Nic was nervous while Nina was looking for her kind. All that she needed was someone to remind Nic that she needs a final shot. As she was searching the waiting room with her look, she landed her eyes on one lady, that's it. Nina was staring at her, so the woman felt that Nina needed her help. Two of them exchanged mind messages.

‘Just make sure you tell a doctor that I am ready for the final stage, he forgot and I don't know how to tell him,’ Nina was messaging the lady in the waiting room.

‘Don't worry, I will tell him, you will be fine, just continue to pretend until you walk in, and I will let him know not to let this blond one with you two into the exam room, I see her thoughts, she doesn't want you any good;’ The strange woman told on Nina.

‘Young man do you know that your dog is ready for the final stage,’ vet addressed Nic as she looked at Nina.

‘Damn, how did I forget, yes, sure, let’s do this, but what’s wrong with her now, can you help her. It is my entire fault, I have been going through some problems and I completely forgot, I am so, sorry.’ He was really feeling bad, and he was ready to do whatever it takes just for Nina to get better.

‘She is fine, nothing is wrong with her, she is getting the last shot now. Listen to me now; it will take her 48 hours for transformation, she should be alone, with no one to disturb her, so either you leave her in the house and you go somewhere or you rent a room for her.’ The vet was advising Nic, as he gave Nina her shot of new life.

Nic was very happy, Nina his best friend will soon be with him, he will have someone to stand by his side no matter what. On the other side Nina was ready for her journey and knew that moves she is about to make will hurt Nic, but in the long run, she will actually help him.

As vet advised him, that Nina needs to be in peace, he decided to leave her in the apartment alone, he will just tell Inga that he wants to go out of the town for two days and she will be happy, like that Nina will be able to pass her stage. And what he will tell Inga, about Nina's transformation, well he didn't care about that at all, he will just say it is his friend from the USA that came to stay that's it. Hopefully, Nic thought, Inga would get so mad and she might finally leave.

As Nic and Inga were getting ready to leave the house, Nic took Nina for her final walk in the park. That was a chance for Nina to make a move. As they were walking, all of the sudden, Nina started to run like crazy away from Nic. He tried to run after her but he couldn’t catch her, she was way too fast.

Nina had run off in an unknown direction. Nic sat on the park bench with his hands on his head, he couldn’t believe that Nina just runs away, that he lost her. He sat there for next five hours hoping that she will get back but there was no sign of her.

Finally, he decided to go back home, he canceled his trip, mad and sad at the same time, he wasn't in the mood for talk not to listen to Inga.

The whole month passed by, Nic was hoping that Nina will come, but there was no sign of her. She passed a transformation and he was worrying, even more, thinking what she is doing, how she made it, he was deeply heartbroken.



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