Chapter 4: From the sin straight to the devil’s arms

Chapter 4: From the sin straight to the devil’s arms


As they eat dinner, Nina came closer to the table; like that, she was checking what's going on. In Nina's mind all she wanted was for Nic to go back on the right track, so if that woman will be the one to get him back she will accept her, but something was telling Nina to be a caucus with Inga. She will just have to wait to see if her senses are right or not.

Nic and Inga spent the night at his place, in the morning Inga got up first and went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast.

Because of Inga, Nina had to sleep on the sofa, and she wasn’t happy about that, but she didn’t want to make harder on Nic so she decided to behave.

‘Good morning girl did you slept well. I hope you don't mind sleeping in the living room, well get used to it, because now on you will sleep there,’ it looked like Inga was making fun of Nina. At that point, Nina just fixed her eyes at Inga and started to growl, that was her response to Inga's provocations.

‘O no, it is like you understand what I am saying, this is crazy, look I don’t like dogs, so let’s make that clear right now, and I will tolerate you in the house little bit of time, then you are flying out,' Inga continued to set her rules with Nina while Nic was still asleep.

Nina was mad like she never was before, she all of the sudden got urge to jump and bit Inga, but hold on, she was trying to control her emotions, I am not like that, she was controlling her mind, I never bit anyone, I am nice, what's happening to me, and why do I pay attention to this stupid woman, she is not even realizing that I understand everything…I won't feed into her none sense, let he run her mouths, Nina decided that she will ignore Inga.

‘Good morning dear let’s have a breakfast I just prepared it,’ as Nic walked out the room Inga was calling him from the living room.

‘Give me few minutes I have to take Nina out first.’

‘She can wait, let us eat first.’

As Inga said that, Nina jumped across the whole room, run to the door, and started to bark, that was a clear sign to Nic that she wants out, not later, now.

‘You see Inga; I have to take her out, there is no compromise with her, so you can eat, I will anyhow have just a coffee,’ as Nic said that he immediately walked out the door.

Inga got mad, in her mind she immediately set Nina as her enemy, Nic turned down breakfast that she prepared to take out a mud, that’s how she was thinking, she will not share him with no one, not even with a dog.

For a short time being, Inga found her way and moved in with Nic, not even being invited, she completely took over his privacy and stated to run his life. There were no more casinos, no more red light strips, she was in control of almost everything, but Nina was still on her way.

In certain sort of way Inga’s presents in Nic’s life was good for him, he got himself back on the track, started even a new business and like that tripled his income. Now he was more focused exploring monuments, attractions all over Europe, taking weekend trips with Inga and Nina. He was thankful to Inga for all she did for him, but as much as he wanted and he was trying he couldn’t fall in love with her the way he should.

Nic was always sharing his feelings with Nina, no matter what was happening in his life good or bad, he always had those special moments with her, and he talked to her. Like that he was telling Nina his feelings about Inga.

‘I don’t know what I should do, even if you could give me some advice, she is nice, it is obvious that she has bigger plans for us than what I have, should I just marry her and finish all this. She is expecting that from me, my family expects me to get married soon, it is in our tradition, Nina, girl if you only could tell me what to do.’

Nina was aware that Nic doesn’t love Inga but she was afraid that he might marry her, she had to act if she wants to save Nic, her sixth sense was telling her that Inga wasn’t the one, so Nina started to run her own show…

‘This dog hates me I am just waiting for a day when she will eat me alive, you need to do something about her; it’s obvious that she doesn’t like me. I am not too crazy about her, so please try to figure something out, let’s see if there is some shelter to give her,’ she just said that, and Nic didn’t know should he smack her for those words or just kick her out the house.

‘Look, Inga, you came here to live with us, so if you have a problem about Nina being here, you can leave, you said such a thing now and don't you please say that ever again!’

She was furious, she had to do something like very soon, because he clearly, who know what time in the row, put Nina in the first place.

That damn dog will pay me for everything, she was saying to herself, about the same thing Nina has sworn to Inga, she will make her pay.

Over few weeks, Nina chew up Inga’s shoes, she was constantly barking on every Inga’s move, and Inga really started to worry about her safety. Nic wasn’t able to leave them alone, so he started to close Nina in the box when he was leaving Inga alone in the house, but he wasn’t thinking about getting rid of Nina, no matter what she did.

Her pressure on Nic to leave Nina in shelter started to cause problems. They were arguing more and more. He was really mad at himself he created all this mess and he has to pull himself out of it, or he will regret for rest of his life.

One morning, as Nic took Nina out for the walk he started to talk to her about his feelings and his doubts.

‘I don’t know what to do no more, she is making pressure on me, I feel like I am stranded and I am lost right now. I can’t just leave her, but I can't take this pressure any more,' Nic was telling Nina how he felt.

‘Something needs to be done soon before it gets too late,’ he continued to talk to Nina…

Nina immediately set her mind up, she will drive Inga crazy no matter what, in the long run, Inga started first, she wants Nina out of the house, that’s a no-no…

‘Your dump dog wants to bite me; you see that she is mad, you need to give her to shelter,’ Inga said it again as one morning Nina charged at her while she was having an argument with Nic.

‘To be honest I would rather bring you to shelter than Nina. She is mine and I am not giving her, do you get that!’ He just said what he had and walked out the house.



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