Chapter 3: When the sin city takes you over

Chapter 3: When the sin city takes you over


Weeks have passed by, Nic was in the complete mess, as he entered the first night into the casino he just lost a control. Visiting casinos, red light district and coffee shops within days became his habit; no, he was hooked on it. He was spending nights gambling; he was winning and losing money. If he made it good at the casino, afterward he would go to the red light district, if he lost money he will end up in the coffee shop, smoking his brains out.

He was seeing his new friend but wasn’t spending much time in the pub; he had his routine. Mark was worried about him, so did Nina. He wasn’t taking long walks with her through the parks; she saw that he is exhausted, she wanted him to stop but there was little that she could do, and of course, she wasn't able to say anything. Nina just hoped that Mark will be able to put Nic on the right track; she didn’t imagine that their life would take such a turn.

‘I don’t understand you at all; you are here less than two months and you are already fucking up. I know that you got lots of money on that damn roulette but don’t you think that’s time to stop. Nic you going to burn yourself on the end, this is not leading anywhere. I understand everything, you are now as a wild dog let loose, but dude slow little bit down.’ Mark was begging Nic one night as he stopped by the pub before casino, it was just two of them, rest of the boys were about to arrive.

Nic was well aware of the whole situation; he was trying to find a way to stop, but it was hard.

‘Nic why are you being such an ass, Inga keeps asking about you, call her out, like that you will get your mind off that shit.’

‘You are right Mark, I need to make changes and need to make them quick, I will stay tonight here, will talk more to Inga just to see can there be something. You know she been calling me; she is alright, I could be with her, I am just not sure that I can give her love, I mean I am not even thinking about that right now, I just need someone to keep my time occupied so I can get back on the track.’

It seemed like Nic finally realized in what position he is in, and was looking for the way out, Inga certainly was his ticket.

That night boys had mad fun in the pub, like each time they got together. Nic was little bit talking to Inga, paying more attention to her than he used to do it before. She liked that, and she wasn't shy to show it.

As boys got hungry, they decided to go out to Chines place and grab some bites. Since the pub was still open Inga had to stay.

‘Sorry that you can't come with us I would enjoy time with you. We are going to some Chinese place to eat, tell me what you like, and I will bring you a takeout.’

At that point Inga’s heart just melted, he wants to bring me a dinner?! Yes, girl, you are in the game, she was thinking.

‘You are so kind and if you insist; you can take some beef and broccoli with fried rice for me. I will be here waiting for you.’

‘It will be my pleasure to bring you a dinner, tonight we are going to do it like this but promise me that tomorrow night you will come out with me, just two of us,’ he said that with a smile on his face as he was walking out the pub.

As he promised after two hours Nic came back into Pub with two boxes of food as she required. Inga was getting ready to close the place, and Nic was bit tired, she didn’t want to miss the chance, she waited almost two months for him to show some interest in her, she has to use that right away.

‘It is late, and I see that you are tired. I believe that you don’t want me to eat this dinner all alone, so what do you say that we go to your place and have this dinner?’

He was for the split second stunned by her question; he didn't know what to think of it. Sure he was tired, but his plan wasn't to go home, he was going to stop by the casino, and later go and pay some girl, he thought that was best for him, but now Inga have messed his plans up.

‘Well, I thought you are tired and needed some rest, so that’s why I didn’t suggest anything,’ he was good at turning situations into his favor.

‘Sure, we can go to my place, that’s great idea,’ in his mind he thought what he is getting himself in to, isn’t all that too quick, and there is Nina at the house, how will she react, he never introduced no girl to Nina like that, there were always meetings in the park never right away in the house.

Since he accepted Inga’s proposal, Nic thought, he has to deal with it…What an idiot you are, he was saying to himself, from one shit hole you are putting yourself into another. If you make one more stupid move like this, definitely it will be clear that you are not able to live alone, you need a guardian. He was pissed, because that’s not what he planned, at least not so quickly, and he just got a hot potato into his hands.

As they walked in the house, Nina was so happy to see Nic coming home before the dawn; she just started to jump around, it seemed like she was saluting them.

‘Aww, look at you, you are so sweet, come here, come, girl,’ Inga was trying to establish some connection with Nina who just moved on the sofa and was looking sharp at her. Nina, for some reason, wasn't happy to see a visitor in the house, and Nic didn’t know what was wrong with her.  



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