Chapter 2: Thrill in the city

Chapter 2: Thrill in the city


‘Home sweet home, here we are!’ Nic was so happy that he finally arrived, and he couldn't hide his happiness.

Nina was happy as well, soonest she entered the flat she started to explore having fun. The huge open space living, dining and kitchen area gave her lots of room to run around, the bedroom was just a right size, not too big but had enough space that she could jump off the bed and not bang into the wall.

The next few days Nic was fully dedicated to set his new home the way he wanted. He was going shopping for some details, getting everything for Nina, ordering services at home, even went and got some plants just to add a little „home“ touch to his house.

Nina was enjoying and resting from the stressful flight, she wasn't insisting on going out for the long runs in the park, she just needed to adjust. It was enough for her to go out to the little green area in front of the building by the channel for the short walk and she was rushing back home.

In those few days, Nic figured all out quickly. Since he was six hours ahead of time in the USA, he set his mind up that he will be working from mid-afternoon to early evening, that was just enough for him, he was paid crazy money anyway.

It was time for Nic to finally step out of the house and meet the new friends. His friend from States Mark will help him.

‘Nic, are you ready for us to go out, you arrived for days ago and we still didn't have a boys night out, I am coming over tonight, be ready around 10 and we are going to party?’

‘I sure am, I couldn't do it earlier, I had to set everything up in the house, but now I am ready, what you had in mind, where are you taking me?’

‘We are going to meet few of my friends in local pub; it's not too far from your place, it's on the walking distance, grab few beers, and after that, I don't know, were we will end up,’ Mark was telling to Nic and laughing knowing that Amsterdam will offer to Nic everything that he could have just dream of living in Georgia.

Nic was very excited for his first night out. He is sure that he will have a fun and actually, his life was just beginning.

Mark came and two-headed u to the pub. As they were walking down the street, the light of the Holland's casino just hypnotized Nic, he had to get in there, not tomorrow, not later on, he has to get in there tonight.

‘What do you think of us to stop for one quick spin, before the pub,’ Nic asked Mark, as his eyes were all shining looking at the entrance of the casino.

‘Hold on, where are you rushing man, it's not like that you are leaving home soon, you are here, living, so you have time for that,’ Mark was telling him, since he wasn't a fan of gambling but he understood Nic, I mean that was prohibited in Georgia, and he was anxious to explore it all, right there and then.

‘You are a real party pooper; you know that Mark, I just wanted a quick spin, we have a plenty of time, and it will not take us more than half an hour.’ Nic was kind of getting upset.

‘Let’s meet with my friends; we will have a blast in the pub, trust me on this one. After that we can go where ever you want, the night is still young,’ Mark was talking Nic out of the casino idea.

As they entered into the pub Nic was pleasantly surprised. It was nothing like he had seen before. In the old rustic style, all in wood, with so much Dutch details hanging off the wall, vases with tulips on each table, Nic couldn't believe how nice it was. There were four more of Mark friends waiting for them, John, Tomas, Bjorn, and Edward.

The night was passing by an idea of going to Casino kind of vanished from Nic’s mind, he had so much fun with new friends. There were talking, pulling up jokes, drinking beer, just enjoying the time. He was fascinated how those guys were laid back, he hasn't heard any of them state out any problem or negativity, that kind of environment Nic loved it.

‘This is our little hideaway place. We come here almost every night; it is me who got them all hooked on this place since my sister Inga is working here, she is off tonight but tomorrow she is working, you need to meet her…’ Bjorn was explaining to Nic about the meaning of that place, on the end that place is owned by Bjorn's father and all of them are feeling like at home there.

Midnight already passed as new friends were about to go home. Mark and rest of them had to go to work in the morning, but Nic wanted to explore more. He didn't want to be selfish and talk Mark into continuing the night; he thought he would be alright by himself.

‘You go home; you need some sleep before the work, you see my advantage, I don't have to wake up early nor do I have to look fresh,’ Nic was joking with Mark ‘I will walk home, I am alright, seriously, you go on, and we will talk tomorrow.’

‘That’s fine, tomorrow we are gathering again here, and man you have to come, Bjorn’s sister Inga, is so hot chick, she is single, little bit older than you, she is 27 years old, we all tried to hit on her, but she didn't give a pass to any of us, now we need to see what will happen to you,’

‘You guys are crazy, does Bjorn know it? Man that’s his sister and you all are joking like that, it is not nice. But, Ok, I will come to meet Inga, gosh you are unbelievable!’ Nic was laughing and thinking how the boys are actually crazy no matter where they live.

On his way back to the house, path broth him in the fort of the entrance to the casino. He was standing there in a dilemma what he should do, to enter or not. He is not rushing anywhere, he can wait, or not, his mind was split about that, o what a hell, he thought he will just enter for the quick spin



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