Chapter 1: Urge for a new life

Chapter 1: Urge for a new life

Chapter 1

Urge for a new life

Very young but again mature enough to recognize that life in Georgia isn't for him, 21-year-old Nic had decided to take a step forward making out the best for him, and to move to Amsterdam. He knows that there he will have all freedom that he needs, weed is legalized since that last century, casinos are all around, where you don’t need a car, you ride a bike. As a digital nomad, he can make his life come true. He didn't spend years of study to be locked into some huge office box; he wants to taste the best of life while he is earning and building his carrier. 

Amsterdam was the right place. Besides all entertainment that city offered there is also a special clinic for Nina, his dog, which was a must on his move list. Amsterdam has lots of parks, sits on the water edge, with ocean beaches so that would give him and Nina, more places for long walks and playing. 

No matter what he was doing or where he was going in the past three years since he got Nina, he always was making sure that it is suitable for her. 

‘Nina, come on girl, let’s go,’Nic called Nina as he was ready to walk out of the door holding her leash, they will go to the park, will play with before their departure that was going to take the place the next morning. 

Nic was a dreamer, as they were in the park he focused his thoughts on new life that was ahead of him and his beloved Nina. 

He was thinking what he was going to do next once he settled down in his new lot in the center of Amsterdam. 

I will first-night visit Holland Casino, he was saying in his mind, to experience the thrill of winning, or I might lose, but I don’t care I want to see it all. Hell yeh, I will go to the red light strip, just to see, I can’t imagine I am going there, and all those pot shops, wow I will have a blast. It seemed like he was double checking himself on all things that he already set in his mind that he will do it. 

That tall and young man, with black hair and green eyes, that had style for dressing up, was sure that his new life will be anything but boring. 

Wissels…’Nina, aren't you happy that we are going to new place? O, look at that eyes, I know what you are thinking, no I will not neglect you, you are my best friend you are my all, we will have a fun. But you know, you have to behave when I go out at night…ok, ok I promise I will not leave you alone for a long time...’ he was telling to Nina as she wiggled her tail showing him unconditional love.

He was so excited; soon he will be in his flat, starting a new life. 

The day of departure arrived, Nic was finally leaving. 

‘Today's date I will write on the wall in my room. It is Monday, May 21st, 2120. This is a day when Nic started to live! Good buy Georgia, hello Amsterdam, here I come!’ Nic was hauling in his room, happy as a little kid, as he was gathering his luggage. 

Nina was excited as well, she knew an adventure is ahead of them, but again little worried, they are going into unknown. On the other hand, she knew that he would make sure they get just a best of the life. 

‘Now be a good girl; this won't take much time before you knew it we will be home. Just don't panic and everything will be fine. Here you go, take this, it will help you kill the time if you don't fall to sleep,’ Nic was comforting Nina and gave her a big chewing bone so she wouldn’t be bored. 

‘Folks, I love you all and mom don’t worry I will be fine. I Will call you’ll, and that’s it, I want to go, see you all soon,’ Nic told his family as he was walking through the check-point.  

‘Sir, excuse me; sir, can you fasten your seat belt, we are getting ready to land,’a sweet voice woke Nic up. 

‘O, I am sorry mam’ I must have slept for a quite some time, thank you for waking me up,’ Nic replied to the flight attendant. 

Chills overcame his body, he will be in less than an hour in his own home, alone, yes this is it, he told himself, he is ready and excitement was way too overwhelming. 

For Nina, the flight seemed like an eternity, she couldn't sleep, and she was on the edge of the nervous breakdown, all she wanted to do is to get out of the box and stretch her legs, see Nic and go home, she can't take it anymore. 

As they arrived, Nic hurried up to pass passport control, so he can get Nina quick. 

‘Welcome to the Netherlands, enjoy your stay.’ An officer told to Nic as he was stamping his passport.

Sure, I will enjoy it, he thought in his mind, let me just get to the Leidseplein square, and I will have a blast, Nic was thinking. 

‘Thank you, sir, I am happy to be here,’ he responded politely as he was passing the checkpoint. 

He rushed to take Nina, worrying, how did she handle the flight, he has slept over the majority, but how did she manage everything he was worried about. 

‘There you are, o, stop, stop jumping, I know that you are happy, I am too, but no, Nina, it's not a play time now, come on, let's get to the house first, Nina, stop it, we are going to play home,’ he was trying to control Nina, who was so happy that she finally was left out of the box, she couldn't control herself. She knew that her behavior wasn’t appropriate for the airport but she was overwhelmed that she simply couldn’t stop jumping on Nic and barking. He somehow was able to calm Nina down, and two of them went toward the car, with Mark. 

That was Nic’s friend from college who landed a good job in Amsterdam after graduation. Mark managed everything for Nic when he decided to move to the Netherlands.



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