Nic and Gabby

Nic and Gabby

  • Author: Megan Zufelt
  • Category: Affection
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Status: Completed

Young Nic who just turned 21 years old trying very hard to adjust to all changes and accept new things that all off the sudden came into his life. Major issue and dilemma it’s in regards to Nina. He met Nina 3 years ago, and he thought that he was ready for new inventions but once thigs actually happened, he had found himself in big chaos, manly in emotional. On the other side is Nina, that beautiful young lady, for difference of Nic, she knows him all her life, in fact he is all that she knows, she didn’t ask for any of the things that happened, no one even asked her. All she wants is to keep Nic’s love, she can’t live without him, and she is lost when she is not by his side. Nic adores Nina, doesn’t want to hurt her, can’t see his life without her, that’s why he decided to undertake an invention just so he could spend his elderly age with her, he refused to accept that he will lose her within a decade, now is on him to overcome his demons. He is the one who has to make Nina feel comfortable and happy with a gift of new life. Nic will undertake a series of steps just to get comfortable with new situation. He was warned on the beginning what can happen but he accepted all, if he backs down now he will hurt Nina, he can’t do that. Nina adjusted to new life well, she still has lots to learn but she is happy with her progress. She knows that Nic will not let her down and she is ready to help him, no matter what it takes she will be there for him. Two of them will pass thought roll a coaster until Nic gets used to fact that Nina is no more just a best friend that listens’ to him, that she is now a woman and that she has her own needs.

Latest Chapter Preview:

Chapter 9: Real love will overcome all obstacles


While emotions were just going wild in the apartment, Nic was in disbelief looking at her…the look in her eyes, and such confidence in her voice…he was just rolling film back…She was always so understanding, she knew everything about him, she knew all his habits …O Nic how could you be so blind, this is Nina.

‘Nina!’ He just said it out loud, while Gabby at that moment couldn’t look at his eyes she put her head down, and then the storm hit…

‘This is you, Nina, how could...

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