Chapter 6: Chapter Six

Chapter 6: Chapter Six

So in the following months Jerry hired attorney for divorce, and advised Kia that Ivana is pregnant, and that he will not feed into her craziness any longer.

Nine months passed very fast, and baby Gloria was born. His dream he got his own daughter. Their life could not be happier. During the pregnancy they were traveling with Alex, to Florida, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, they just lived to the fullest. Each and every day was filled with love and respect. Even Ivana’s mother started slowly to accept the fact that they will live happily ever after.

Gloria was growing fast, she was already about six months old, Ivana was back to work, and they had to hire a new nanny. Things seemed fine, even do that divorce battle was still going on at least Ivana was at peace.

But, little bit after that, strange things started to happen. Ivana had a feeling that someone is following her, but she thought she might just be “tripping”. Then her HR services called her one day to come to the office. She was surprised to know that someone called there imposing as perspective employer asking questions about her, she wasn’t looking for another job. Red alarm just turned on in her mind. For the first time she was scared, and she shared her feeling with her mother and Annie. Two of them were protecting Ivana so they confronted a jerry about the issue.

“Well, Kia told me that she hired a private eye to dig everything he can about Ivana, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t want Ivana to worry and be stressed. I mean we all know Kia is crazy and now that we have Gloria she completely lost her mind”

“Jerry now is a time to say everything you know about this, this is not a joke, I have to know what that woman know, I can’t believe that you didn’t say nothing about that, what kind of man you are”, Ivana’s mother was going off at him, while Ivana held Gloria in her arms, boiling from anger, he was again hiding something from her.

“Please don’t think nothing bad she is just crazy, talking non since, this will pass we will be soon divorced and everything will be over”, responded Jerry to pretty much mad mother in law.

As few more weeks passed by, Kia started to call Ivana, while Ivana was at the job like she was checking is she there or home. Little that Ivana and Jerry knew Kia, was for some time talking to Gloria’s nanny.

As Alex was at school, Gloria home with nanny and Jerry and Ivana at work, jerry called Ivana sounded crazy saying he is rushing home but she shouldn’t worry.

“How do you mean don’t worry what a hell is going on, will you tell me? Jerry don’t make me go crazy on you, tell me what’s going on”.

“Don’t worry I am almost home, Sandy called me to tell me that she had a family emergency and left the house but Gloria was sleeping”.

“What??? I am coming now as well, just make sure she is OK, until I come, and we will call the police and file the report on Sandy, do you understand me”.

“Ok, honey, just please don’t go crazy on the high way I will be in the house in a minute, slow down, I am waiting for you”, he is trying to calm Ivana down who was out of her mind.

As they got home, Gloria was still asleep in her crib, but Ivana saw that something is not right in the house. The caller ID was unplugged, the draws with documentation were obviously ram sacked, as she was looking more she saw that her immigration applications file is missing, her passport, she just felt sick to her stomach, started to cry and then was a break down.

“Jerry, Kia did this, my papers are missing, someone was searching through our stuff, our album with pictures is missing, there is missing much of my clothes from the closet, my boxes with my memories from my country, look the safe box is locked on the second pin number, someone was attempting to open it, what a hell? Call that bitch see what she wants, call her now”, she was screaming out of her mind. That woman has her belongings, her papers, who know what more she took, Ivana can’t even look now she is completely lost, she invited her privacy, it is too much to take it.

Jerry called Kia, she was just laughing he was so mad, screaming at her, cursing her out, even passing a treats to her, but for some reason she was satisfied. Again, Ivana put that happening on Kia’s craziness; she filed report on Sandy baby sitter, but had no proof to do it on Kia.

Few weeks passed by, and Kia called Ivana.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave me husband alone, I warned you but no you wanted to do it want you wanted, now is a payback time and trust me, you will pay a very high price for this. You and your little bustard Gloria and Jerry can’t help you”, Kia said it quickly and before Ivana could respond to her, she hang up.

Ivana was trying to call her, to see what that idiot was talking about but she just didn’t want to answer. As Jerry came home Ivana told him about the phone call, she wasn’t any more so laid back, she was scared. She had a reason to be, her immigration status still wasn’t adjusted, she didn’t know what Kia had up the sleeve, and this wasn’t a jealousy game no more, this was a war, and someone will lose it on the end.

“Come on, what can she do, why are you so worried about her, she is just talking smack, you know as divorce is coming closer she is getting crazier and crazier”, he was just trying as always to calm Ivana down and to erase all her worries.

In order for them to relax and try to forget everything, they got a vacation package of the second week in September in Orlando Florida and took Alex and Gloria to Disneyland. As they were enjoying little get a way, September 11th of 2001. Strike the NYC and whole States. Devastated with news and worried about friends, family and co-workers, Jerry and Ivana are franticly calling up home checking on everybody they know. Lucky all their loved once are well and fine.

Two months later, as Ivana is at work, her GM called her to the office, stating it is urgent. What in the world is going on now, Ivana thought as she was walking in. There was her boss and two man that she didn’t know, they looked a bit strange to her. One of them was holding a folder under his arm and on that folder was Ivana’s picture from years ago, actually the picture from her passport when she entered the USA. What’s going on here, she is looking at them and can’t wait for at least one of them to say something so she can know what all is about.

“Ivana these gentlemen, would like to speak with you”, said her boss.

“How may I help you, do I know any of you”, Ivana address to two man.

“Miss. Gilokov, we are from INS services”, said the one who was holding the folder and continued “you need to come with us, you violated the INS law”, he finished.

Ivana just started to laugh, and said it out loud, “this is a joke, a candy camera, how did I violate the INS law, and where do you got that picture of mines”

“Miss, as I said and explained to your GM you have to come with us, and everything will be explained to you”.

Her whole world started to crush infront of her eyes, she is scared, confused, she doesn’t know what to think, “Am I being arrested, no”, she asked.

“Not for right now, that will decide the officer in the unit”.

So Ivana, had no other option, she made two phone calls, left her car keys with Annie, and went with tow ugly man to INS building.

As they arrived to the offices, one of the female’s officers took her case, and things were pretty quick.  She got her court date to appear in front of the INS judge, reason…

“You see Ivana, we received documentation that you were previously charged with a felony offence for the possession of marihuana, in accordance to INS Act from 1998, you are subject to deportation”, said officer and continued, “and you must got someone very mad, when they hang us all this documents, now it is up to judge, but since September 11th I must tell you that there is no tolerance, and we are deporting daily large number of people”.

Ivana was speechless; she just felt sickness in her stomach, thinking about hell that’s coming her way.

“God, why is this happening to us, what did we do wring, Ivana how do you mean subject to deportation, no I am not going to let you go, I can let you all go, what will I do, without my little girl, where will you go, tell me something just answer to me”, Jerry was screaming through the house while Ivana was just sitting down not say a word, tears were going down her face, they just day before celebrated Valentine’s day, Gloria’s birthday was coming up, Alex’s 8 birth day was next months. But she just set there not saying a word.

In the following week, Ivana drawn into her, she hired attorney, but he was blunt honest with her, after looking into charges.

“I will not give you any hopes, the thing is pretty much messed up with that Act, all I can promise is that I will make sure they don’t take you from the court room to the airport”, he told her.

It was like someone stabbed her directly in her heart.

“How much time can you give me”, she asked him.

“Most three weeks after the court day, I don’t believe in miracles, so please don’t you either at least in this matter”?

Million thoughts were passing through Ivana’s mind, she is losing everything, Gloria is still small, she might adjust but about Alex, he doesn’t speak Russian what will he do. What about Jerry, do I should tell him, or should I save him from everything, she was questioning herself.

As the court day came, Ivana insisted to goes alone, she made it like that so Jerry had no choice but to stay with Gloria. If she is suffering, why to make him suffers as well, she didn’t told him that their time is coming to the end, she had no heart to do this to him. She saw how devastated he is as well, he started to drink, took unpaid time from his job, and about Kia, well he cut off all contacts with her and his mother including his son. On the end she was the one who framed Ivana.

“Miss Gilokov you are subject to removal”, it was judge’s decision who took into consideration kids and ordered her voluntary departure within the 30 days.

JFK airport, same spot where Ivana first time stepped foot on American soil. Her mother didn’t come; she took Alex to her house. Jerry is holding Gloria, in one arm and with the other one is hugging Ivana, tears are flowing down his face. Ivana is not talking, trying not to burst out crying out loud, but she can’t do that to him, she sees his pain. It is enough that her mother and Annie told him in his face that he is the reason why Ivana’s life is destroyed, she can rub salt on his wound, she loves him way too much.

“Please, can we run, let’s move to California, they will not look for you. Ivana you don’t have to do this, please think, come on, let’s leave right now, my life will have no meaning without you and Gloria”, he was trying to talk her into skipping the state so they can stay together.

“Jerry, please don’t say that, I can run my whole life and hide. This is the way it is and we have to face it. Look attorney will do what it needs to be done, and I will be back its only temporary”, she was comforting him knowing damn well that there is no return at least not so quick.

Ivana loved Jerry so much that she even didn’t want to say out loud “come with us”; she knew that he would not make his way in that country; she saw in his eyes that he is scared and not able to face the changes.

“Flight 447 NYC to Moscow, last call for check in”…Ivana is walking away, knows that will past years and years before she comes back, maybe never, but no, she doesn’t what to think like that, she will again be in Jerry’s arms.

Jerry is barely standing on his feet, as she is walking away into unknown with their Gloria; all he can is watch…

“Good buy my girls, no matter how long it takes I will wait for you two, no distance will take my love that I have for you two, Ivana think once again, Ivanaaa”, she can’t hear him no more, she is not turning back, she has to keep on walking, she has to accept that she got crushed in that game…

“Ivana you paid the price, forbidden love is very expensive, you paid up most that you could”, she continues talking to herself while looking through window, drinking coffee in her new home in the rural area of Moscow and remembering the life she used to have.




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