Chapter 5: Chapter Five

Chapter 5: Chapter Five


Everything for Jerry and Ivana was easier said than done. By the time Ivana’s mother knew what’s going on in Ivana’s life, two of them where arguing on daily basis and having problems. She started to refuses to watch over Alex, just not approving of that relationship.

But, Jerry and Ivana didn’t want to turn their back on what just two of them had. They still were talking about living together, and Ivana slowly started to prepare and adjust Alex to the fact that someone new will be living with them. Alex and Jerry did meet, and Jerry was so gentle with Alex and caring, like that he even more won Ivana’s heart. On the side that her surroundings didn’t approve a relationship she was determent to make it work.

Jerry, finally gathered strength and didn’t feed into Kia’s little deceiving games no more, he left their home and temporarily went to stay at his mother’s house, but at that time he was actually living with Ivana.

“Hey little spy, you woke up, hang on don’t you get up yet I have something for you”, it was almost routine on Ivana’s off days, a breakfast in the bed with cup of mint tea, which Ivana loved. He was so caring about her; he even didn’t let her pick up a grocery bag, always there for her making sure she is well.

After four years of their romance and craziness from Kia’s side who was just not letting them in peace, Jerry and Ivana officially started to live together. Two important people in Ivana’s life her mother and Annie didn’t approve that, maybe they saw something that Ivana didn’t.

“I don’t know how to say this to you, but for all this years you know what Kia is capable of doing”, Jerry started on evening conversation.

“You know you can tell me what ever is going on I am there for you to support you, what did she do now”, a permanent problem that will be in their lives, she thought, a craziness of Kia.

“Well you know I was giving her money for rent for the apartment, she apparently wasn’t paying rent, so she got eviction notice, and she called my mother, made up whole bunch of stuff, and now she will be living with her, are you mad at me”, he was almost scared of Ivana’s possible reaction.

“Wow, that is way too much even for her, but you know what, I don’t care as long as she doesn’t come to live with us”, Ivana turned everything on joke, but deep down she was mad, she refused to let Jerry know, she know how much hell he saw from that woman, she doesn’t have to make him sad.

With help of Jerry’s mother attacks on Ivana became more intensive.

Jerry was completely helpless in regards to Kia, and Ivana knew all that, and didn’t stress Jerry with that. On the end she knew what she is getting into from the start.

“Baby let’s move to another state, where at least she can’t come, she will not know where we live. I am ready to see kids few times a year just for us to be in peace, think about that. Her being in my mother’s house and two of them have now tag-teamed who know what next might happened. I don’t want to lose you, I want to spend rest of my life with you, please think about that”, he was saying to her one night as there were resting.

She just refused to even think of leaving her work and selling the home to move away because some, as she thought of Kia, mad woman lost a touch with reality.

“We are staying, you are not the one who is being harassed so don’t worry about that, on the end if you didn’t give her a false hopes I doubt that she will act like that. Either you going to finish all that today, or I will flip the other page”, Ivana for the first time spoke like that, but she was more offended by his proposal as she saw to run away, than what she really meant what she said.

Afraid of losing Ivana, an only woman in his life who didn’t try to control him, telling him what to do, asking him for money. The only woman that he could tell anything and knew that she will understand him, he decided that was a time to unravel one secret to her.

“I was holding something back from you, I think is time to let you know, please understand why I didn’t said earlier, I know that I should said it but it is kind of hard for me to even talk about that”, he was saying in humble voice, almost sounded as a little kid asking for forgiveness for breaking something in the house.

Ivana was stunned, how does he means a secret, do we have secrets between us. This man knows everything that’s in my brain, I been by his side for almost five years and he is talking about secrets.

“You know, little Kisha isn’t my daughter, when I met Kia, she already had Kisha, once we married she gave me some papers I signed them so that’s how Kisha has my last name. I can’t hold this any more in me, because I want us to have our kid”.

Ivana was mad at first glance because he was hiding that from her, but quickly she got over that. She was very happy to know that jerry want them to have a kid, but she didn’t want to show that.

Few moths passed by, and Jerry birthday was approaching. Ivana like ever year before made a nice birthday party for him. On that day she decided to give him a present that she was waiting to hand over to him, “at the right time”.  

“Today is my big baby’s day, so I need to hand him over a present, please let’s all be patient as he opens the box”,  Ivana said as she handed him a shoe size box nicely wrapped.

As he started to open, there was a box in the box, in the box….after he opened a third empty box he asked he was she pulling jokes with him, but finally an envelope...he looks at her, his eyes are uncovering that he is scared to open, who know what Ivana is trying to pull, but she is not like that, he thought. As he pulls paper out the envelope, speechless holding a small piece of paper, tears just started to fall down his cheeks and Ivana stared to cry as well. He grabs her in his arms and lifted her, kissing her, and just kept on saying “thank you, thank you”. Friends were little bit lost not knowing what’s going on, but the Jerry spoke...

“Ivana is pregnant I will be a father”, as he said that everybody started to cheer.

That was a point in their relationship that both of them knew it is forever, they don’t need a paper to tell them that, they know it. But Jerry, changed toward Kia’s, he didn’t want nothing no more to upset or disturb Ivana, not even Kia. He was determined to finish everything as soon as possible.



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