Chapter 4: Chapter Four

Chapter 4: Chapter Four


Instead of Jerry, a short, kind of overweight light skink black woman, she more looked like she was Hispanic, rune out of the car straight forward to Ivana. At that moment Ivana was ready for whatever might happened, and felt furious, why did Kia came to her, what she has to do with her?

“Is this where employees are going out”, woman address to Ivana.

As Ivana knew who that was, recognizing her by the car, she decided to play with, for her, a mad woman how came there with two small kids in the back sit.

“No mam’ there is another entrance around the corner, so if you need to pick someone up go there is it just before the main entrance of the hotel”, Ivana responded to her, knowing well that she will return within a minutes again.

I seemed that woman came back faster then she left. But Ivana had warned security about the situation, not in fear what would happened but she didn’t want to make any scenes at the property she worked at.

Kia, run out the car, completely as mad woman, she must of picked up on Ivana’s voice, unique accent, not reassembling usual Russian accent, but indeed more like she was born and raised in country side of Louisiana, many could have bid their lives that she was born and raised in that southern state.

“I know it is you, you want to steal my husband, bitch. I will rather kill you that let dirty immigrant takes him away, do you understand what I am saying”, Kia was screaming at Ivana. At that point, something just went black in Ivana’s mind...”bitch, dirty immigrant, hell no, no one will insult me, definitely not at my job, she will now see a dirty immigrant”, Ivana was saying to herself as she rushed toward crazy woman to give her a piece of Russian medicine.

Ivana didn’t had a chance to reach Kia, and she sure was so mad, she would had crushed her not caring about nothing at that moment, but her friend from security were already putting Kia back into car telling her that she has only that chance to leave the premises or they will call police.

Now Ivana was the one who was acting like a mad woman, none of her co-workers ever seen her like that, in fact no one ever had a chance to meet the other side of Ivana, her evil twin inside of her, which she thought that she left behind when she left Moscow. They all knew it is about Jerry, and questions and advices just started to overflow Ivana, and she didn’t want to hear anything.

First Annie, who thought Jerry could be someone that Ivana can have next to her side, was concern about the incident and told Ivana that she should right away cut all contacts with him. Oher co-workers that were witnessing agreed with Annie, telling Ivana that she doesn’t need such stress and humiliation, but no, Ivana didn’t want to hear anyone. In that split second she had only one question in her mind…”why is Jerry so special that Kia is putting herself so much down  and doesn’t want to let him go”, she sure was determined to find out for herself.

Even that Kia made a scene, and Ivana was like a furious wild animal, and Jerry was nowhere on the sight, Ivana stuck to her plan and went to the Pub as it was planned.

She needed to relax and forget what happened, so one vodka, second, third…she was already dancing and having fun, not even thinking what happened just two hours before then. All off the sudden Jerry joined them with one of his friends. She even didn’t want to talk about Kia, but Annie had to do it.

“I don’t believe what you let your wife do. If you can’t control her and get rid of her, as you stating that you want, you should go home at least and make sure she is taking her medicine on time, not running around like a mad woman harassing people”, Annie was going off at jerry, because she loved Ivana so much and knew that she didn’t deserve anything so humiliating to be happening to her.

Jerry was trying to explain to Annie, that Kia cannot be controlled, that she completely lost her touch with reality and that her crazy behavior is one of the reasons why he wants divorce, and that he can’t take that no more. He had such a sad look on his face while he was trying to explain his situation and constantly repeating to Ivana how sorry he is.

“Baby”, that was for the first time that Ivana addressed him with anything else but his first name or “silly”, that was maybe vodka speaking out from her, “from tonight on it is just you and me, against the world”, she said that through laugh and hug Jerry.

He was lost, he star to stutter “me, me and you, mean us”

“Yes, Jerry should I say it on Russian so you can understand me? Isn’t that what you wanted on the first place”, she was already little bit ironic with him.

It seemed that Jerry’s all efforts finally paid off, Ivana announced that they will be more than friends. As he put his hands around her waist, Ivana kissed him slowly and gently.

That night was one of those nights of their lives that they will never forget. They didn’t stay much longer in the Pub, he ordered a cab, and they went to hotel.

An unforgettable night full of passion, pillow whispering, and emotional talk. It was early for planning any kind of the future, it was just their first night together, but after so much time of hanging out, they even weren’t aware that they were talking about joint life. As silly as it looks, like there were teenagers, they didn’t want to separate, but the duties were calling them both.

Ivana had to go home to Alex, and explain her mother who agreed to come over and watch him after nanny finished her work, what was so important at the hotel that she couldn’t come home. In the same time Jerry, should go home and try to finally end Kia.



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