Chapter 3: Chapter Three

Chapter 3: Chapter Three

In the next two days Jerry called Ivana few times a day. When she took the call she was very short saying that she is too busy to talk, but he was not giving up, he was leaving voice messages for her, all flattering but not crossing the line, just telling that he can’t wait Sunday evening to see her.

Sunday came, Ivana felt like she was going to electric chair, she even had few words with Annie, about her arrangements, but as the day was passing by, she was overwhelmed with work, so by the time 7 o’clock came, all she thought about was to relax and just chill, since Alex was with her mother she could of give herself a little bit of the break and let loose.

That evening lasted to the late night hours, Ivana never denied that she had great time, and didn’t regret for going out with Jerry, Annie and Jerry’s friend Marck. That evening she opened up, put her guard down and actually listen about Jerry’s life, his problems, how he can’t get divorce, because his wife is always finds the way to make something just to postpone the paperwork, about his family, his kids, his work. She saw at that moment that he is not some player, instead that he is detained in his current situation and he is just doing his best to overcome all of it. They talked for hours; even Ivana opened up to him, talking about her marriage which she ended recently, her plans for future, about her son.

Since they spent one very nice and pleasant night out, they decided to repeat that next weekend. So for the next months they were going out, talking on the phone went out few times to lunch and friendship was established.

From the very beginning Jerry was straight forward in his means that he would like something more with Ivana, then just to be friends. By spending time together, Ivana developed some feelings for him as well, but still not enough to move step forward, but she didn’t deny that she enjoys his company, and his pampering.

No, he wasn’t buying expensive gifts for her, she wasn’t that type, but the little small things that he was doing were winning her over. He know what she likes, so he will surprise her in the middle of her work, he will show up just to give her a box of her favorite “Godiva” chocolates, or just send her one pink rose with a note “how is my Russian spy today”, he even made a CD just for her with music of her favorite move “Gipsies are flying to sky’s" and he even didn’t know nothing about the movie, but he remember what’s her favorite move and he decided to surprise her with a music on CD. Those little thigs meant so much to her, he was actually thinking about her. All those time, they were spending together they didn’t talk about his wife at all. Ivana didn’t want to know nothing more, she thought she knew enough, and didn’t want to spoil their time talking about her. All she knew was that's woman is unstable, that she doesn’t want to give him divorce, that she is using kids just to keep him in the house, and that her name is Kia.

Working on some paperwork one afternoon in the office, her phone rang, she picked up, and there was a female voice on the other end…

“Excuse me may I speak with Ivana, by the phone is Kia?”

She took a deep breath, before saying anything, if that woman was as she thinks, and then there could be some problems. But she doesn’t want problem at all, then Ivana was saying to herself, just keep a cool, and it will passed.

“This is Ivana, how may I help you?”

“I am Jerry’s wife, I know that you two are seeing each other, I don’t know what he told you but us, but he lied to you. We are not planning a divorce and we are pretty much happy is just he is passing through some crisis”.

Am I such a magnet for problems, it was passing through Ivana’s mind, now this woman got on my back. Jerry I will definitely kill you, how did she get my number, why you told her my name, what a hell, why am I in the middle of obviously a bitter divorce battle.

“Kia, right? I don’t know what was told to you, and what you think so you are telling me these things. I do know Jerry but you were not subject of our conversations. So please whatever you have, you have it with him, no need to you to call me again”.

She had to let Kia know that she doesn’t want to be in the middle of the mess, she actually doesn’t care what’s going on out there in others people home. She is holding to what jerry told her and that was enough for her.  

As their friendship was entering into the second months and their get together were just more and more often Ivana didn’t think at tall about the phone call that she got from Kia. She expected that she will never meet her, and why she would she had nothing to do with her on the end.

They made plans for one more evening, this time Ivana invited Jerry and few of his friends to join her and her co-workers on after work party, in the nearby Pub. The plan was that he will come by the hotel, and from there they will all walk together there. He was never late, as she stood on the parking lot by the security unit with few of her co-workers waiting for company, a black car, in the full speed rushed into the parking area.

That’s Jerry, but why is he driving like a mad man, Ivana wondered. But then she saw something that she never hoped she will.



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