Chapter 2: Chapter Two

Chapter 2: Chapter Two

Three weeks passed by, it was very busy at Ivana’s job, and she was going back and forth between a restaurant and the lounge bar, and on the end had to jump in to help to bartenders. As she was mixing drinks, she hears someone unfamiliar voice calling her name.

“Ivana, Ivana, do you know how to make it between the sheets”?

Not looking to see how it was, at the moment she thought maybe some colleagues are pulling shack on her so she responded.

“If you think about the cocktail, place an order with a bartender, but if you think something else, don’t waste your time, Ivana doesn’t make anything between the sheets, if you must know”.

“Wow girl, you are very mean, for real, I didn’t think anything bad”, man voice addressed to her again.

As she looked at direction where the voice was coming from, she just stood is shock, that was a freak from the pay phone, Jerry!?

He was sitting on the edge of the bar, smoking a cigarette and was staring at her. Ivana, approached him, lean over the bar, and in the calm tone of voice ask him what is he doing there, is that just coincidence or…in her mind she was just saying God please help me get rid of this fool, like as soon as possible, because this is not acceptable.

“Jerry, you are the last person I expected to see here, do you have some business here?”

“I do have some business here, I decided to come and see you, I was hoping that you are in the better mood that when we met. I didn’t know where exactly you worked, but after a little effort I found you, so here I am, can we have a drink?”

“I am sorry that you put so much effort in finding me, but I can’t have a drink.  I can buy you one since you are already here”. At least that’s what she can do, she thought, and then she can run in the back of the house into her office, until he leaves.

“Well, I would really like “between the sheets” if bartended can make me one and if you can sit down with me for few minutes”.

OK, she thought in her mind this is getting freaky and she needs to run away, this man is either crazy or sick in his head, whichever it is, is not good. For some reason, she didn’t listen to her mind, and she decided to sit down.

Jerry was full of questions, wanted to know as much as possible about her, she was answering very shortly, noting in details, and wasn’t asking him too many question, the true is she didn’t care about anything in connection to him. But as he drained all possible questions that were appropriate to ask her, he started to talk about him. First thing was he wanted to explain her about his conversation which he had at the pay phone? I mean, she could of, care less, but she let him talk.

“I am married, but we are a step away from the divorce, I mean I am. We have two kids, a five years old girl, and a year old boy. I don’t want you to think that I am some kind of the dog, you did hear me talking to that girl over the phone, but I, I mean, you know”, he stared to stutter. So Ivana finally started to talk, being ironic but he didn’t get that as irony he was actually thrilled that someone understands him.

“So your wife, as you say, ex soon to be, is unbarable crazy woman, you two live under the same roof because of the kids, you have nothing with her for some time now, so you found a little fling on the side, is that the story?”.

 “You see, I knew the moment I saw you, that you are the one, you read my mind, and I can’t believe that, so you understand me, right”?

 “No, I don’t understand your situation, I was just trying to be funny, and I really don’t know what are you doing, nor am I trying to find out. I set down with you just to be polite since you came over here in downtown, you obviously put some effort to find me, and at least I can sit down with you for few minutes. Don’t take me wrong, I am not the one for you, to be honest first I am not looking for anybody at the moment, and second you are not my type. I think you can appreciate me being honest”.

He just look at her straight in her eyes, and in the sad voice, it seems like that his feeling were hurt, he asked he can at least she give him a chance to meet, maybe if he comes again, when she is not busy, or can they go out for a dinner as friends.

She was just ready to tell him that she is not interested in none of that, but Annie walked by. In the very curios voice, as she approached Ivana and Jerry, she addressed to Ivana asking her who is in her company.

“Well, there you are I was looking for you in your office, are you going to introduce me to your friend”.

Annie, you will pay me for this, Ivana thought at that moment, she made her “face” looking at Annie, and met two of them.

“This is Jerry, Jerry meet my friend Annie”.

As Ivana introduce them, Annie, already had a naughty expression on her face, but Ivana didn’t care for that, she was more afraid what Annie will do next. She had valid fears, because, Annie, set down with two of them and just started running her mouths. Two of them clicked so well, that Ivana was stunned by Annie’s behavior. For next half an hour how long they set, Annie, gave to Jerry, Ivana’s office number, she even went that far that invited Jerry to come back on Sunday evening after 7 pm, that’s the time when two of them are finishing shift on that day.



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