Chapter 1: Chapter One

Chapter 1: Chapter One

Usual crazy Monday morning at Ivana’s home, as she is getting ready for work and her sixteen year old daughter Gloria for school, argument’s between two of them are starting. Gloria is teenager and she is not taking no for the answer, on the other hand Ivana is already over 40 years old and she is in her own world. As Gloria is acting up, Ivana is threatening Gloria that she will call dad.

“Young lady if you continue to act up I will right now call your father so he can deal with you, I am not pulling up with you no more, get yourself ready and hit the road to school”, Ivana was getting upset with her daughter.

“Yeh right, like he will do something to me, mom please just chill, look at you lady instead of talking to me how I should act, you should die that hair, you are all grey looking like you are a granny”, Gloria is being wise mouth.

Ivana is already on the edge of her nerves, Gloria is just too much to handle, as she walked out the house, Ivana couldn’t control her emotions no more, she had to call Jerry.

As he answers the phone knowing is her saying “Hey my princess”…in that minute  her whole life just flashed back, memories were popping up, randomly …

Suburbs by NYC, big home with huge back yard, seven years old Alex is running around the house fulling around with their dog, Gloria is screaming from the play pen, protesting why she can’t play with Alex and Lady, at that time phone rings and Jerry is telling her to be ready in the early evening, he is taking her out for dinner.

Well it’s a Valentine’s Day, Jerry will surprise her and pamper her like he always did, but destiny also had surprise waiting for them, just around the corner.

Jerry loved Ivana with his whole heart and soul, that tall and slim, Russian young woman, with long jet black hair, hazel eyes, very pretty face, always with smile, like she is showing off her beautiful pearl white teeth,  full of life and positive energy, within a seconds stole Jerry’s heart.

Ivana and Jerry met by the accident, from the first look Jerry knew that she is the one. Ivana didn’t’ t think like that about Jerry, it took some time to understands that Jerry is beautiful man, very soft hearted, that he can be her world. But when she did fell in love with him that was for better or worse and she was ready to pay the price for that love which no one ever would.    

She worked at the hotel holding a good position, and Jerry at that time was private business owner. They met under funny circumstances by the pay phone twenty-two years ago.

The day they met Ivana was rushing home from work to see her son Alex before he falls to sleep. Just as she took the turn on the exit her pager went off, it was job calling with a code 911. She knew that she has to return the call as soon as possible, so she pulled up on the first gas station.

Two pay phones, only one works, and that one is being used by some guy. Ivana politely, waits, for him to free up the phone. As she is waiting she can’t help but overhear his conversation… “I can’t wait to see you baby, girl if I told you that you were in my dreams last night, would you believe me…”

Ivana just thought in her mind, what a freak, playing a lover boy over the pay phone?

He would probably continue talking for who knows how long, but Ivana’s pager beeps for the third time, she was already pissed off, so she approach the guy, tap him over his shoulder…

“Excuse me Romeo but please, can you tell to your Juliette that you will call her back in two minutes I really have to make an emergency phone call”?

He turned, looked at her not saying a word. She took her hand and waived in front of his face, telling him “Land is calling Romeo, please respond because I need to use that phone!” As she said that he just handed the phone over to Ivana and still didn’t say a word.

As she hangs up, she turned to him, handed him a phone and thanked him for being so nice to let her use it.

“Thank you Romeo, now you can finish talking to your Juliette” she said with smile on her face.

As she was walking away toward her car, she felt someone behind her; she turned back and saw the guy from the pay phone. At the moment she thought she might forgot her car keys, but she had them in her hand, she was little bit uncomfortable but she didn’t want to show that. Only on her surprise he address her by her name, she was stunned.

“Ivana”, he pronounced her name very funny but he did try, “can we meet, please, I am Jerry”, he was trying to start conversation with her. But, she was confused how in the hell did he knew her name so, instead trying to avoid him, or just ignoring him, she was ready to attack.

“Excuse me Romeo, or Jerry or whatever your name is, how do you know my name, and second why do you want to meet me, you were a minute ago sweet talking someone, well I hope it was a girl, or I might be wrong”, she said with very ironic voice.

“I see that you are very tense tonight, I heard your conversation and can tell you, that you sounded very mean, but sweetie you forgot your name tag, that’s how I know your name, and Ritz is a nice place to work at”, and he handed her name tag that she left at the payphone.  

As he said all that, Ivana was already furious, thinking in her mind, what in the world this man is thinking about? Calling me sweetie, do I look like a silly teenager to be falling on some words, he is not even my type, he is barely taller than me, he is wearing a cowboy boots, aww, and he was just flirting with someone on the phone and now trying to hit on me, hell no…

“Look Jerry, I am not your sweetie, we just saw each other now, and I truly hope we will never see each other again. I really don’t have time to stand here and talk to stranger, I am in the rush. Where I work at it’s none of your business, so have a nice night”, she just said all that and walked away.

Finally as she got into the house, she called Annie, her friend and assistant to discuss what happened at the job. A two of them finished talking about business, Ivana decided to tell her what happened at the gas station.

“So girl, as you paged me for the third time, I had to pretty much get one dude off the pay phone so I could call you. You will not believe, how bold that idiot was, he was talking to some girl, you know usual man bull shit, and after that he tried to hit on me, can you imagine that dog”.

“Well, honey man are dogs, but was he at least good looking”, Annie was pulling jokes with Ivana, since she was single, and everybody from her surrounding were trying to find her someone.

“Annie, you know well that I even don’t think about man at the moment. I had enough drama, and I want to be alone for some time now, just me and Alex. With this crazy job, I barely have time to be with him, and he is still a baby, he just stared to walk, I really don’t have time for any man, especially for some fools. And no, I know well what you want to know, he was not good looking, in fact not my style at all, and he had cowboy booths, I mean definitely, hell no, that Jerry is crossed”, so two of them just started to laugh and continued talking girl stuff pulling up jokes.   



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