Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

  • Author: Megan Zufelt
  • Category: Affection
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Love should be free of charge but sometimes price that we pay is way too high... She was a young single mother who finally decided to cut off all drama and negativity out of her life and start over. With a bright career ahead of her and finally fulfilled life, it took only one stop by the pay phone on the gas station to turn her life upside down. That stop, made her love like she never loved before or ever after, in six long years she experienced passion, happiness and love, but she did get a taste of bitterness and pain as well. Even after 15 years, she stills secretly, hiding from everybody thinks about him, and sure does he thinks about her. Today both of them live laying to themselves that everything is alright, but deep down both of them are waiting for a new day, a day that they will see each other again. Until they meet again, until she finish her battle with US immigration and reach back to New York City, their love, memories and their child keeps them both going. People did separate them but they were not able to erase memory of their love or what’s in their hearts.


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Latest Chapter Preview:

Chapter 6: Chapter Six

So in the following months Jerry hired attorney for divorce, and advised Kia that Ivana is pregnant, and that he will not feed into her craziness any longer.

Nine months passed very fast, and baby Gloria was born. His dream he got his own daughter. Their life could not be happier. During the pregnancy they were traveling with Alex, to Florida, Colorado Springs, Las Vegas, they just lived to the fullest. Each and every day was filled with love and respect. Even Ivana’s mother started slowly to accept the fact...

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Chapters Available:

Chapter No. Chapter Name Last Updated
1 Chapter One 10-Mar-18 6:49
2 Chapter Two 10-Mar-18 19:51
3 Chapter Three 10-Mar-18 6:58
4 Chapter Four 10-Mar-18 6:59
5 Chapter Five 10-Mar-18 7:00
6 Chapter Six 10-Mar-18 7:01




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