About Us

About Us

www.nisbook.com is an affiliate of Loyal Empire Technology Limited (HK) that designed in 2018. It is an online reading webiste combining creation and reading in one. “Disseminating literary wisdom” is our mission and “to achieve realization through dreams at the bottom of our hearts” is our sense of value.

www.nisbook.com provides to authors and readers alike with a lasting and stable platform for creation and reading. It helps authors avoid the embarrassment of writing in solitude behind closed doors and allows authors to update their works at the real time on the internet and have the opportunities to communicate with readers at any time. Authors can update the sections and chapters of their works everyday on www.nisbook.com and those authors who have signed a contract with www.nisbook.com may disseminate paid sections and chapters online for users to pay to read their works and so as to encourage their creations.

Any suggestions to help us improve our website or report a copyrigth violation, please send us an email at info@nisbook.com


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